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Should i continue calling or i should keep my cool??

If he really wanted to be concerned about his relationship with you he would have called you already. He made a choice and you're not his priority right now. This is a direct answer from a man's perspective. He may not be interested anymore or just fishing for some emotions of you wanting him back. 

The rational move is to not think about it and distract yourself with other things. There's no point trying to chase someone that doesn't give clear answers to you.


I might be wrong but I think you should keep your cool.

Forgive but I suspect he might not be as rich as he claims he is. Even if he is, he probably uses it to lure ladies to his exploitative advantage. But that's only one part.

From your question, it seems you've been trying to reach him after the incident happened. I believe it's a good thing. Why? My initial thoughts might be wrong. He might be an honest dude who was probably hurt that you guys didn't get intimate. Perhaps he thought you didn't like him that much

I'm not saying you should get intimate with someone just to please them. I'm only trying to cover all the angles

All the same, I think you should keep your cool. If he wants the relationship, I believe he'll find a way to reach you


This is one of the hardest questions ever. And I'm not even exaggerating or anything. I love how it is phrased too: in a way that emphasizes the succintness of the dilemma and the pain behind it--the kind which, of course, doesn't allow for much words.

I know this because I've been in this same position, not long ago. And it's crazy because everyone keeps telling you don't call, don't call, he or she is not worth it. But we never know this. Anyone who is the subject of the experience is the only one that can really understand how it goes.

The memories shared, the discussions, the gestures; the way that pErson talked to you or laughed with you; the secrets shared between the two of you that nobody else in the world knows: these are the things that make that question something that nobody else can answer; a question that even you, with your brrains and common sense, can never answer.

The only thing that answers this question most of the time, for us, is our hearts.

Our rash, broken, restless heart that seeks closure with such a violent severity that it leaves everything and everyone else in its wake as utterly inconsequential.

Let me tell you my story. I got my silly heart broken by a girl I loved more than any thing else in this wide universe. She specifically requested for us to go our separate ways. Apparently the relationship was getting too unhealthy. So we parted.

But my God how much i loved her! I couldn't bear being apart from her. The memories haunted me. They overwhelmed me. I mean I knew it would be hard of course but no way in hell could I have imagined it would be THAT hard!

Every single damn minute of every single damn day I felt like going back to her. To call her and just talk to her. To say something; anything. Just to hear her voice. To ask why. To make more sense of things.

I knew this was weak but I didn't really care. I was losing my sanity and only way I could regain it was just to call and talk. But I knew, deep inside, that there was nothing I could do to salvage that relationship. Still I wanted to try.

I did try. And in my case it didn't turn out so well. We ended reharshing our past troubles and we ended up worse than it was before. The closure I was desperately searching for, I could never find.

But I learnt something valuable with that experience. I learnt that there is no closure really. At least not with that person. In the end only time is the closure.

But still I believe me going back was a really important part of the puzzLe. Which is why most times when people say it so asseritvely that to call a person with whom you're broken up is entirely bad, I tend to disagree.

Yes, it may be bad. But it is also neccesary. Even just for you to see for yourself how pointless it is. Truth is most of the time that other person would have moved on. But even though they've moved on, you havent. And sometimes you just have to keep calling to realize just how pointless your calls are.

It doesn't matter how many times you're told to not do it. Sometimes in matters like this you have to. It may be the only way to heal, even if by it showing you whats not the way. It's the self realizAtion that matters most in the end.

Cheers and have a nice day.


Unless they gave you an STD.... Stop calling. If they call you back; they want to be a part of your life... If they dont its time to find something else to think about. Relationships are 2 ways streets if data isnt flowing both ways your relationship has changed.