It is difficult for a rich man to be faithful to his wife? Do you agree?

Riches doesn't make a man faithful or unfaithful. it's the character of a man that determines how the man will live his life. A man that decides to cheat on his wife isn't doing it because he is reach but because he lacks character. Haven't you seen so many poor men also cheating on their wives too? Can we also say they're cheating on their wives because they are poor?

Money doesn't change anyone, it only reveals the person's true character. Any man that lacks character, self control and the fear of God will cheat on his wife regardless of whether he is rich or not. Cheating is a sign that they don't love, respect and cherish their wives enough to be faithful to her. Everyone gets tempted each day, but it's only those that have character that will overcome such sexual temptation and choose to stay faithful to their wives because they value their wives and their relationship


It depends on the man in question. The truth is that with money, a lot of ladies, especially their desperate ones would do all their best to seduce the man but with the right mindset, a man wouldn't fall. The question is does the man really love Jose wife? If he married just to fulfill his desires, to have a place to dump his passion, he will definitely have problems. He won't be able to contain himself in these confines of marriage.

Marriages that are based on trust and love rarely gets destroyed by outside interference. That's because the man would be open to expressing himself to the woman. He'd tell her what's going on and the attempts by another or other woman to get his attention.

I've seen several rich men who have aren't womanizers. They actually have self control and can keep their zipper up all the time. These men are like this because they value their marriages and know why they married the women they are with.

In true love there's no room for doubts. It involves two hearts working and beating as one. No secrets are kept and everything done is fine the benefit of all. Marriages built on these qualities will stand the test of time irrespective of financial situation.


I do not agree with the opinions of rich men who will look more difficult to be loyal to his wife. Rich and poor is actually not the main thing that makes couples loyal to each other, not a few also infidelity occurs with middle to lower economic life.

Indeed, we have to admit, if life is sufficient more often get seduction of young girls who make their partners can turn away instantly. But it must be used as a benchmark as well as the love life of the rich couple.

What has been given by his wife to the struggle of their lives to be at the peak of this time, a lot of love in their lives that we do not know for sure, what has been sacrificed by their partners is certainly an added value not to betray his struggle.

I often see rich men having an affair due to their disharmony, there is a personal grudge that surrounds their relationship, selfishness often triggers the couple to feel uncomfortable together again. Infidelity occurs more often due to a variety of backgrounds in their relationship, not all rich men have loyalty that is questionable, even among those who live to the end of their lives with their partners for life even though they have abundant assets.


I do not agree, because basically, faithful or not loyal to their partners not on material. But from the intention of a man who married his female partner.

If your man is a typical loyal person, then he will feel very grateful to have you. This will make him no longer want to adventure in love affairs.

If you feel bored with your love relationship, then he will still try to think calmly and feel gratitude that will make him maintain his relationship.


Not necessarily. But any man who has attractive women throwing themselves at him will have more difficulty being faithful to his wife than a man who is left alone by other women. So, to the extent women love men for their money, that statement is true.


Yes, I strongly agree, and that is indeed the reality.

I am a man, and understand very well how to expect a man.

Although not everyone does it, most men will have an affair with someone "more than" his wife. More beautiful, sexier, more elegant, more charming, better in nature and attitude, etc.

Having wealth means men will think like this:

"I have provided their primary needs (wife), so what I want to do is up to me".