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What has been your most interesting experience with using dating apps?

I had a match with someone who didn't even have their full face in the photo and was a bit older than me. But she liked movies and rode a bike so I agreed to meet her after work that day. I was surprised at how beautiful she was. We had great conversation. After a second date I realized we had just very different incompatible lifestyles. There was no third date. However, I did learn that maybe it's worth taking a chance just to meet up for a drink.


Lol..... The only thing that comes to mind is tinder. And the one person that takes the win is Hazel Peters. She has got to be the best experience i have ever had when using a dating app.

Some years back, when i was new to tinder. I'd spend my hours and days swiping left and right on tinder. It was pathetic but i still found myself doing it all over again the following day or in my spare time until i swiped right on yhe brunette headed young lady and instantly we were a match.

Well, it was great for a while and then it was not and i went back to swiping right and left but to my greatest surprise, i swiped right on her again and then i knew tinder was giving me a sign or was just telling me something.

Today, we are a lovely couple and the future is pretty bright.

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