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What do you know about colorism? ?

Colorism occurs when people are being treated differently or specially as a result of their skin colour. It can also lead to the discrimination of people as a result of their skin color. This is just very similar or identical to racism.

A good example of colorism can be found in some of white skinned people who may dislike the dark skinned people such that they tend to treat them very badly and irritatingly. Colorism can also lead to the diversification of human race by separating people into separate groups such that each groups start hating each other as a result of their differences in skin color.

I think people engaging in colorism needs to be enlightened and educated about their poor mindset on skin color discrimination. We are all one and we should always love each other and keep spreading peace amongst each other. There shouldn't be any form of hatred from a black skinned person towards a white skinned person and vice versa. I hope we can do away with colorism and racism and let's start spreading love towards the whole of mankind

Thanks for reading and I hope this helps.


The author Alice Walker was first credited with using the word in an 1983 essay essay entitled "In Search of our Mothers Gardens" and she described colorism thus " “prejudicial or preferential treatment of same-race people based solely on their color.” In essence the term describes a person who is of the same race, lets say for arguments sake that they are of Brazilian origin. Now, for anyone who has been to Brazil or knows many Brazilians will tell you that people who identify as Brazilian come in many different skin tones and yet 68.3% of Brazilians believe that their race has an impact on their daily lives. This impact is seen in many aspects of life that we might attribute racism to except that the people involved are not, necessarily, of a different race, they simply have a different skin tone and thus are judged or treated unfairly or  biased.

It is very similar to Racism and I pray that one day soon we will live in world where it doesn't exist. Where a person will be judges solely on who they are and not what they are.


The funny thing is that the word colorism doesn't even exist. Not officially Automatically corrected on the computer screen. Does not appear in the dictionary. However, the author and activist Alice Walker is the person most attributed to the use of the word colorism, loudly and printed. But black Americans are not the only people obsessed with how clear or dark a person's skin is. Colorism is a social disease that is felt in many parts of the world, including Latin America, eastern and southeastern Asia, the Caribbean and Africa. Here, in the United States UU., Since we are such a diverse population with citizens of every corner of the earth, our brand of colors is both national and imported. And make no mistake, white Americans are "colorful" like their brown brothers and sisters.