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Do you follow users based on the amount of Steem Power in their wallets?

No, because I have found that some of those with the most SP are actually inactive and have been for some time. I follow the people that I have made friends with and that are helping each other or contributing to the blockchain. A lot of the minnows and plankton are very helpful and have been working to build each other up. One of my favorite people to follow is @meno because he really does care and is building up the @helpie community. 



The users I follow are those users whom are beneficial to my career in the platform. It can be great bloggers, community builders, Decentralized applications built on top of the Steem blockchain, Witnesses, Friends in the community, and great developers aiming to bring something for the community.

Each they, thousands of thousands of blogs are published in Steemit and the reality is we cannot cover them all. We also have different network and topics we like to read so we are selective with what we read.

The users I wrote above were the people who I am prioritizing because they help me grow and seek more opportunities in the platform. Also, technically they are very important pieces of me understanding more the "trends" of the platform.


I don't follow users based on their amount of Steem Power. I follow them because they are upvoting my posts or if they have good content on their blogs. It's useless to follow users who have a lot of Steem Power just for getting the possibility that they might vote on you. Usually big fish won't even notice you so don't bother. I think the best strategy to grow your account is to make friends who have a low amount of voting power. You need to keep engaged with them, motive them and then you'll grow together. 

When I started out I upvoted big accounts. I hoped for some big upvotes in return but of course that did not happen. I started engaging with people who had a similar  amount of Steem Power. The result was that we all grew together. To give an example, the first people I followed only had about 20 or 50 Steem Power. Now they have about 2000 or 5000.


I never followed someone just because of the stake that someone has here. Following isn't a key but engaging with them is!

 I completed a year and half here and I have followed only 26 people. And the reason is that I don't care about the person but the work of the person that he/she is doing here. I do unfollowed few dead users who are no more writing or active here. I kept my following list more clear and I love their contents and what they do here. I actively engage with all of them.

I follow because 

  • They are active
  • They are putting a lot of dedication here
  • They are readily available for communication
  • And they are influencing others with their work
  • Updating us about the current context

Follow them for their work and not only for the amount or stake that they hold here. I have already written many post on this topic. 


I will be honest, I used to.  Now, that isn't as big of a deal to me as it was in the past.  If you are posting content that I enjoy reading, I am probably going to follow you.  Many times as well I try to follow users that follow me or frequently comment on my posts.  If I find that over time you are not posting quality content, I will probably drop you.

I think the main thing to be aware of when you start following a user is that you are probably not going to get something in return from them.  If you are just looking at their SP and following because you think they will give you an upvote with said SP, you are probably going to be pretty disappointed. 

Most users are giving out their upvotes based on relationships that have been forged over time via comments and interactions on and off the blockchain(Discord).  

It is pretty uncommon to find someone that has a high SP, start following them and then immediately start getting upvotes from them.

That being said, I do tend to look at peoples wallets when I am considering following them.  Not because I want to see how much SP they have, but because I want to see how they interact with the blockchain.  Are they simply cashing out and putting nothing back into it?

I like to follow people that are invested in the platform and are powering up their account or spreading their earnings around to other users via Steem Basic Income and other projects like that.

I understand that some users have to cash out some of their earnings to pay their bills, but you will get a pretty good idea of how committed someone is by looking at their wallet and seeing the transactions that they make.


Not anymore. At the beginning of my experience on Steemit I had in mind that theory that you can grow a lot faster if you have whales and dolphins following you and I would follow and comment on whales and dolphins a lot but that changed. It changed because I realized that I don't like that much that bunch of whales and dolphins and that they didn't really cared that much about my comments to follow me. Most of the people that follow me now found me through different way thus I really cleaned a lot of my following list no matter what the people had in their wallets. If I didn't like the content they were sharing I didn't followed them anymore and that's it. Nowadays I am only following people I really like reading their blogs and also uvpoting their content. I don't have any criteria anymore on how I follow people. I simply follow them and that's it. If I like an article I go check the author and see some more interesting stuff from him I will follow him. I don't look in their wallets anymore. I really don't understand either why those wallets were made public from the beginning. It's probably for the same reason that plankton and minnows should see which are the whales and start following them and beg for upvotes. I wouldn't make the walled public on Steemit if it was for me to decide. I am sure though that I am not the only one who has followed people based on their SP but I am not doing that anymore. I simply don't care anymore. It's the content that matters for me nowadays. 


If I like what they are posting and I'm satisfied with their engagement, then yes. The amount of SP alone is not enough to follow someone and I'll explain why.

That amount of SP is of course tempting but it's useless to you unless the person votes for you. I'm always saying, follow people for the right reason, which means don't follow people hoping you get an upvote. Getting an upvote from someone who holds a lot of SP is nice but you have to earn it.

You can comment on the person's post and get an update, but in order to do that, you have to share some common interest. So if the person's content is something that I like, then yes, otherwise no.


Not at all! I just follow users who create content that I enjoy reading, and can interact with. Whats the point in following someone with loads of SP if they write content that is of no interest to you - and people with large ammounts of SP have loads of people folloiwng them and commenting in the hopes of a large upvote - which usually never comes!

I will admit I do generally check out someones wallet before following them, just out of interest. But I am also really interested in how long they have been on Steem, and whether they have been powering up. People who are powering up often have a long term vision for Steem, and these are the people I want to surround myself with.


I would say that majority of my following is based on the content or niche of the users. I mostly go for someone who's main topic is either photography, art, cryptocurrency, and or about Steemit.

I don't necessarily follow users with high-SP, there is no point for me to do that since there is no direct benefit from doing it. And I believe it isn't something that whales or high-SP users will truly care about or even appreciate.

Which also makes me wonder why there are whale accounts that has a huge following even though they not even posting or have very less posts.

Your question basically point it out so thanks! That's a good one :)


Steemians who have higher Steem Power, they have more influence on Steemit. If they give upvote to your post, you will get more reward. People usually want to have a good relationship with Steemians who have higher SP. They are treated like VIP.

I follow people because of their content and personality. Of course, I also like to follow people with higher SP. But the amount of Steem Power in their wallets does not determine whether I follow him or her. If someone is friendly, positive, has a good sense of humor, and writes good content, I love to follow them. And I actually follow those Steemians.

There are so many people on Steemit. It is really hard to stand out. Even if you write good content, but people don't know you, you will not get much attention. And you will not get much rewards on your post. Having a good relationship is very important to succeed in Steemit. Whether you like it or not, people prefer to follow and like content whom they like personally.

There are different curation projects running  in different communities, but that's not enough. Your post might get upvote once. Some communities may feature your posts. But you need people who really like you and love your content. People like to follow people with higher SP with a view to getting upvote on the posts. 

When I folllow someone on Stemmit, wallets do not have much influence whether I will follow that person or not. Thank you for your question.


I follow a someone base on interest. It can be something I am interested in reading. If I see a trending post, usually , i check out a post for something that I am interested in reading and see if i find what i want in there. 

Definitely, instead of the steem power, I would be looking at the date that the person joined and what the reputation is. I guess, if someone has joined the platform for already two years and their reputation has been really low, something is definitely wrong about that person's account. 

I also usually see who writes genuinely rather than just copy and paste on the platform to make money. 


At first, I followed based on people who I liked in my tags of interest. Then, I followed high SP accounts. After that, I went back to my initial path and followed based on interest.

Following others you like in your tags insulates one from a vote seeking mentality and helps you focus on putting time into your craft.


No, for me it's really troublesome to check someone steem power whenever I want follow someone. So basically I follow anyone that is I have interest on. Well several person having high $ in every post their make, but that not the point.

The point is, you need to learn from this kind of person, learn on what they post, how they react to comment, how they really consistent about their post, and other thing's believe it or not, it's really having a good impact on you. Whether is on how you post something, what you wanna post, and even how to be a consistent person.

So, just follow anyone's you think is interesting and having an impact for you, because it's gonna worth it.


I do follow users on the steem blockchain based on the contributions I discover they have made on steemit. They might be active users who are also great content creators. They can also be those who upvote good articles. They can as well be those who I share the same niche with.

I am a music inclined person so if I come across one who is also good in blogging about music or articles that will help in contributing positively to the steem blockchain, I go ahead and follow them. I give upvotes to users post great stuffs and also upvote my posts. So , I follow users not because of their steem power but because of their potentials.


I only.follower users who post decent articles that I enjoy.

Users that are established and hold high sp very rarely respond to comments. I have about 8 accounts that are large but they reply and the do up vote.

When I first started I realised very quickly that a majority never even reply to comments. These accounts I unfilled immediately and built a following of users I enjoy and engage with. We all need to grow and if they are not helping you then why help them get larger.

Follow accounts that engage with you and grow together.


As a newbie with a little knowledge on this platform, I follow users who can help me grow. And the users I usually follow are those with 65+ reputations and those with very huge amount of Steem Power. The reason why I follow those with 65+ reputation is because I want to learn their best practices and what they post that made them successful. The reason also I follow users with very huge Steem Power, or shall we say, whales is because I am hoping that by following them, they may notice me and give me an upvote.


At one point I did. But I noticed that if that person and I did not really connect, there was no point in following them or trying to engage them. Natural, organic followings are the best. When you get to know someone and develop a relationship with them regardless of their SP, they are more likely to keep following and supporting you when they grow. I must say that I'm much less likely to follow and support someone who is not interested in growing their account but who cashes everything out. 


Nope. Most of the awesome content creators I followed are unknown and are legit content creators. Not shitposters loaded with cash for promoting trash on the platform. I don't think associating yourself with people who have high SP in the hopes of getting frequent upvotes is a motivation to engage. People aren't stupid to not notice you want their upvotes. 

I follow and interact with them based from the topics they create that comes by my interest. It's a bonus if they are socially inclined to get involved with the latest news on the blockchain. I get more info indirectly from their resteems. I can understand the logic behind being selective about the people you interact with. But this behavior IS the reason why genuine engagement is more prized than superficial pleasantries in the blockchain. 


Good question     

Yeah i seen also some people do follow just who have a good sp in steemit.But i  dont think its right decision for follow .i  think some times we need follow also  who have a good and informative blog 'If we will follow just big user our new user  will be feel upset.If we dont give them insparation for using steemit they will leave steemit .We need to follow their and read their blog also it maybe give insparation them .In steemit we need to work together not alone .So we need  follow all member who write good blog  not only big user .



I don't actually look at the Steem Power a steemian has. I rarely look at wallets to be honest. The Steemians I follow are those who produce content that attract and intrigue my curiousity. Also if the user creates contests I regularly join, I make sure they are in my following list.

I am not very particular with SP, which seem to be impractical since our upvotes are based on the SP. But the truth is I would follow quality content over powerful votes.


I think it is worth making a selection between users with good content, topics that are interesting for you, users with power and that allow you to obtain benefits through contests and initiatives where everyone wins. In Steemit you have to share to grow.


I don't follow user based on their steempowet because it is a fruitless thing to do. Such user already have more than enough followers and for them to notice you will tke forever...

I follow friends and also people that I love their blog. Talking about blog. I love people who post about folklores and love stories. So I follow those people not for any other thing but to read what they post....

I also follow people that engage with me on my blog. Socialising really matters on platform like this...


No. most of the large steempower holders do not care about their followers and are just self voting D bags anyways. If you are not in their friends circle you will never get an upvote or response from any of them. 


I follow other users with the type of pasion that I have, now I only follow musing.io users who often write life tags.

If you follow the user from his wallet, it is very rude for me.

Life in steem blockchain is like life in the real world, social life does not look at the assets they have. I follow someone through pasion and the reasoning abilities they have.

We know everyone needs money, but if we talk about friendship then don't make money a benchmark to follow them. It could be that they don't seem to have money in their wallet, but they have more assets in the market that we don't know.

Don't look at the book on the cover, but read the contents so you will know everything.

Have a nice day.


No, because in my opinion if just following someone based on steem power is wrong, following someone in steemit don't look at it from steem power but because of friendship. The more we follow, the more friends and knowledge we get


I don't follow users who have high SP per se. I just follow users who will help me improve personally and professionally. If you write good contents, I will follow you because quality matters. If you have many followers, I might follow you because I wanna know what most steemians are talking about. Most especially, the bond and conversations you have with them are priceless. Unlike before, when I just follow everyone who follows me hahahaha


Personally, I don't follow people with high STEEM POWER.  I actually like to find new users and chat with them.

I probably should mention. I am not very successful on this platform.

Following people with big STEEM POWER is not a bad strategy. I once got an upvote that was worth $3.00 and thought: If I brown nose this user; I might get another. I found the thought distasteful. 

The people who played that game made more STEEM than me.

If you "frontrun" the robots of a whale you can sometimes get a curation reward.

People who play up to the whales and dolphins make more money than me; So, I guess it is not a bad strategy.