WHICH is the more moral choice of two: a) Legalise prostitution to reduce incidence of rape; b) ban prostitution and let incidence of rape soar high ?
Assuming that in a hypothetical country where incidence of rape has been steadily rising due to population gender imbalance (more males than females), everyone is certain that legalising prostitution will reduce the incidence of rape. If so, which is the more moral of two: legalise or ban prostitution?


Every person has the right to experience their own body as they choose, so long as it brings no harm to another.

Any two people have the right to experience what they consensually choose with each other, so long as it Infringes upon the rights of another.

IF a woman were FORCED into prostitution, THAT would be a problem.

If fully consensual, there is no issue - labelling it as such is merely judgement interfering with the rights of the individuals.


I think there is no morality in the two options in my opinion legalization of prostitution any country means commercializing sex as a product and servicing which for me is bad for a country it definitely makes prostitution a career choice option which means people may not even decide to go to school and get an education they may just decide to be prostitution since it has been legalized by the government as a potential career choice so how well will they speak of the reputation of a country?

In my opinion I don't think legalization of prostitution can reduce rape because rape is like a mentality to me it's not just about the sex what is psychological effect of pleasure that it brings two people who are pathological rapist so even if prostitution were to be legalized which is a bad move it may definitely not did you sleep in totality because most of the people who are rapist are not not actually deprive of sex it is just like a feeling inside them which makes them do it at least 75% of rape cases is not because of the provision of sex so I still think raping will continue even if there was legalization of prostitution because how many rapist would pay to have sex ? Definitely not.

The truth is that despite the situation prostitution has to be banned because it will make people more responsible and then laws that punish offenders against rape should actually be passed a bill in the constitution and at the same time the right punishment must be meted out strictly to this offence so raping will not end with the legalization of prostitution it may only reduce like 5% and we still continue so the right laws that punish offenders who commit rape must be cultivated and actually written down in the constitution and also followed to the letter

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I don't believe rape is as a result of prostitution not been legalized, what then can we say about a father raping his daughter or a boyfriend forcing his girlfriend. Though prostitution is not legalized, men still lay with prostitution hanging out in the street.

I see rape as lack of self discipline and respect for human feelings , men who are insatiable and desperate to get what they want at a time. So legalizing prostitution will change just little or no rate of rape.

Imagine prostitution is legalized but then a man who wants to satisfy his lust lacks Money, he still do find one around to get laid with. So legalizing prostitution only corrupt the image of a country and do more bad than good

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None of the above.I would prosecute the offenders to the fullest extent of the law.

massive orientation exercise of the public on the evils of both prostitution and rape as well as conscript the public's help in stamping out both vices.

Enlisting the various educational and religious institutions in sensitizing their students and congregation against both of the vices.

Making therapists,psychologists and psychiatrists available to the rapists,raped victims and even for those in prostitution.


The truth is, none of the two is moral. Legalizing prostitution will not reduce the incidence of rape and also banning prostitution will not make rape case go high.

Some people are just destined to be wicked. No matter what you bring to their table, they will always seek to do evil. 

I think rape is a deliberate wicked act. I live in a country where, even though prostitution isn't really legalized, there are still some brothels where prostitutes wait on men. WHy then is the issue of rape still high in my country?

Legalizing prostitution cannot stop the issue of rape. Because men will always be men and wicked. Some men really find it all joy and pleasurable seeing a girl become their prey. Seeing her go through pain might make him laugh. It turns some men on and that is why even though prostitution is legalized, some men will still continue raping innocent girls.


Legalizing prostitution won't reduce the incidence of rape in any way. Rape and prostitution legalization has no link. Are countries where prostitution has been legalized not still experiencing cases of rape?

Rape is performed by sick individuals that derive pleasure from causing others pain. legalizing prostitution won't reduce rape. Sex is very easy and cheap to get now, so no one has any excuse for committing the crime of rape.

Stiffer punishment for rape offenders will reduce rape than prostitution legalization


I don't think legalising prostitution has any positive correlation with the decrease in rape. There are cases where prostitutes have been raped and battered.

Paying for sex doesn't give you right over another persons body. You're only granted access, i think the term here should be consent. You pay money for conceptual sex. However, that doesn't give you right over the person's body and you can only do what they are comfortable with or agree to. Even at that, consent can be denied at anytime, so if the said person who has been paid for sex wants out, they have every right to. If the person who paid is displeased they can demand for their money and or seek redress, that is if it is legal in their country which is usually not the case. So already the person is engaged in an illegal act. Now that aside, forcefully taking a person out of their will because you paid is a crime regardless, and there is no justification for that.

So back to your question. No the rate of rape cases will not reduce if prostitution is legalised. Even if sex was free some sick people will still defile other people against their will.

Rape cannot be stopped. There will always be sick people who feel entitled to other people's bodies. The best that can be done is that such persons are dealt with accordingly. There are already strict punishment for rapists but that still doesn't deter most of them. Also, women and men should learn to defend themselves. You might not be able to control what other people do but you can control how you respond to their acts.

In a nutshell, people do not rape because they do not have access to sex or because they cannot control their libido. When it comes to rape, i feel it is more about control than it is about sex. Sex is only a means to an end, which is control. So you see, it doesn't matter how many incentives there are to make sex cheap and accessible rapist will still rape.


In my 2 cents opinion there is no need to legalise anything which your state and religion doesn't allow to do. Rape incident doesn't depend upon the postitution business. The Rae issues are controlled by strict action and imposing strict punishment. The other soluion is timely marriage. It is not wise decision to eradicate one curse with another one