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WHAT do you think of people who genuinely believe that the Earth is flat?
Stupid? Idiot? Mentally disabled?

I think that everyone is entitled to their beliefs no matter how stupid they may seem.

I have always thought that these individuals are just attention seeking and want to stand out. I can't comprehend how they think and don't really want to know to be fair. There are strange people everywhere and they are doing no harm ,but should keep their thoughts to themselves. They won't though as they want to stand out.

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Isn't it really surprising some people still believe the Earth is flat? They stuck in their opinion. No, this planet is not round. They believe on a picture captured on that ancient medieval time. Don't think they are crazy or holding a wrong logic. Among them, there are many people, who are qualified and famous in the field. In this matter are they stagnant. They are not fully convinced to accept Earth's spheres. US country's basketball star Kary Arving, world famous photographer Cindy Ord, and many celibates believe that the round-shaped world is absolutely a misconception. The believers of Flat Earth have argued for establishing their speech. What logic the members are trying to establish? According to them, the world is like a flat disc. At the center, there is an arctic circle, a 150-foot high ice-wall surrounded by the disc called the South Pole. The members of NASA guard this wall. The moon and the sunshine above this disc, so the day and night happen. There is another antimony in this rotation, which can not be seen on open eyes. In the spirit of this Lunar eclipse happens. Earth's gravity is actually an Illusion. Instead, a ball called "Dark Energy" pushed it toward 32 feet in height. It seems that someone is dragging from the bottom. Earth's spherical images are all fake. Space doesn't exist. NASA and other organizations make huge profits in the name of space research. The members of the Flat Earth Society, following the genetic method outside of the scientific method. NASA's conspiracy is the concept of the round earth. Many people think that this movement of Flat Earth Society is actually against the science. They want to prevent the propagation of scientific explanations of everything. But, the Flat Earth Society does not say anything on its own. Recently, US basketball star Kary Arving said in the media that he believes in Flat Earth. Since then, social media has garnered a lot of trouble. The ridicule of the whole world is overwhelmingly on the supporters of the splendid earth.


@Quantifiedself, In my opinion we have to ask ourselves one question and that is what is an answer?, answer is nothing but our understanding. So, if somebody is saying that earth is flat then for sure his/her understanding is inspiring them to believe that. And everything is understanding and no understanding is right or wrong because it's just our consciousness.

Wishing you an great day and stay blessed. 🙂


Unless they are obviously mentally ill or retarded, I find them morbidly fascinating. To believe that the Earth is flat and reconcile a plethora of mundane observations and theoretical knowledge with that must require quite a bit of mental gymnastics. I'd love to talk to someone who is simultaneously highly intelligent and believer in a flat Earth. 


Did you go to space? 

Did you witness yourself the roundness of the earth?

Did you personally did all the famous exercises that are used as evidence for roundness of the earth?

For vast majority, 99% of people, the answer for those three questions is No, No, and No.

More importantly, for vast majority of people, it is nearly impossible to change those No into Yes, not any of them.

It is not extremely unreasonable to not be convinced that the shape of the earth is one or another.

I look at all beliefs the same, 

you either are convinced to a certain beliefs by facts or emotions, or not convinced, and until new facts and emotions convince you to something else, you have no choice than to believe it.

For a regular person, by all accounts, functionally, the earth is flat. 

We live our entire lives as if the earth was flat.

We accept that it's roundness, because of the emotional appeal of an authority, and sometimes, some evidence presented.

But why is it that it's okay to challenge all authorities if we're talking about Priests raping children and governments ordering genocide, but then we turn around and say things like "it's science, you're stupid to reject it".

In the world where we live as if the earth was flat, an unearned authority saying that it's round, sounds to those people no less silly than a flat earth sounds to you and me.

Ultimately, we don't choose our beliefs, and the only way our beliefs change is  if someone convinces us.

Go an try convince them. 

What other choice we have?