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Have you ever been able to cure your own phobia? How?
This questions is asking for personal experience, not solutions one have heard of or read from the Internet.

Yes. Pretty much so. I used to have phobia for going out. I know it sounds kinda weird bit that's exactly what it was. I'm shy and hate people looking into my eyes. I can't stand to see too much people staring at me. It's why I like being indoors. I could be indoors for months if there's nothing to take me outside. I remembered once after my schooling, I had been home for a very long time, my dad got beryl concerned and asked what was the problem. I told him I was fine. He replied by saying how could I feel comfortable just being indoors from sun up till sun down. That did not even help matters. I stayed home for nearly six months. It was not until I had to go for service that I left the house.

Things took a change when I had to go for service. I was posted to a school and as a teacher, I have to be in school everyday and see people. It was that that got me to start developing people skills. I started engaging more in interaction with other people. I still haven't fully gotten the hang of everything but I'm making progress.

The fact that I had to deal with students and teachers, even the locals made me more outgoing. I had to interact with the students, know their areas of weakness and helped them improve. I talked with the staff and kept a level of rapport. The locals too. I made friends with some of them. It really helped me improve, at least a little.


One common approach to handling phobias is to confront them directly, by scraping up all of your spirit and deliberately exposing yourself to the issue you are scared of. Con: it's shivery. you may be frightened. Pro: it's very effective at breaking the phobic disorder.

I accustomed have s paralyzingly phobic disorder of needles. Like, therefore unhealthy i'd become hysterical simply at the sight of needles. One day, regarding fifteen years past, i made a decision i used to be sick and uninterested in having this phobic disorder. therefore I gave myself some body piercings. The phobic disorder left and has ne'er returned--it is completely, completely gone.


Yes, I was able to get rid of my aqua phobia thanks to running.

I developed an aqua phobia when I was sixteen. This made me avoid swimming pools for years.

I started running a few years ago and learned fast that I dded to keep my breathing under control in order to avoid getting into anaerobe zone and running out of oxygen. I knew the best way to do that is to use heart rate monitoring during running. So once I learned what are the boundaries, I was able to run more, to cover longer distances. 

After I learned to control my breathing, came to realize that if I can do that on a running track, I can do it in a swimming pool as well.  I can swim happily without getting tired or being afraid of drowning. I remember my first  time when I entered the water. I knew I would need a minute to get used to water. I took a deep breath and told myself I can do it, I know how to breath and won't drown. After a couple of minutes I was able to swim and managed to control my breathing successfully. 

I was actually amazed how much this breathing control helped me. Now I can swim without any problems and can also apply this when climbing as well. I know I won't get out of breath if I do it right. 

It's a mind game, you have to be strong mentally and listen to what your instinct says. I can't even count how many times I though of this and helped me get through difficult times.