When Is The Right Age To Start Having Sex?
It depends on Wat u feel is d right thing.

When you feel you're ready to deal with potential consequences.

It may sound grim, teenagers don't think about having kids, they are effectively children themselves. 

Many adults these days are not ready for children, does it mean you should abstain from sex until your early 30's?

No, that's not what I mean by dealing with the consequences. 

We do know that abstinence works to an opposite effect than it's intended.

You may be 15 years of age, or 25 years of age. 

The right time to start having sex is when you educates yourself on the positives, and negatives, what you can do to avoid the negatives, and to amplify the positives.

When you feel you are ready, and you can rely on your partner to both be adults about it. That's when you should consider it.

Most people never think about it.

It just kind of happens, and they are not prepared either to the act itself, or what follows afterwards. 


There will be different answers for those who have a different point of views and beliefs. Since the term Sex , is a very sensitive word/term. I would answer you in a different cases.

If you want to address this question to a religion person, I would answer - the right age to start having sex specifically with your partner is until after your marriage, in addition both of the parties also needs to be socially responsible, financially stable (in case of emergency) and mature, and the right age for that would be in between 23-27 years of age.

But if you address mostly to everyone and to a non-conservative person - So I was working as a Call center agent, and there is this survey about early pregnancy, the reports says that the average early, and unmarried women that got pregnant is at the age of 16. Which we could say that this is socially irresponsible. But there are already teenagers that got pregnant earlier and also have a stable jobs. We could say in this case that the answer would still depend from the background of the both parties. The right age of this is between 18-25. For at least both of the parties are sexually mature and sexually educated from the consequences regarding Teenage Pregnancy.


To be honest if you are able to understand the consequenses then I guess that is the answer. 

Many people do not have the understanding of what they are doing when they are teenagers and the reprocussion that will come with having sex. They do not understand what having a child means and how it will change their lives. 


My first time was when I was 13 years old, I was a way on holiday and I met this lass who worked in a burger bar at the resort that I was staying at, she was 18. we hit it off and started to spend a little time together.

I had never even kissed a girl before this point and was so nervous that my body was shaking from the adrenaline pumping through my body.

She was so sweet and it was the last night before we had to set off back home, we took a nice walk down to the beach where we made a little spot on the sand with a blanket.

She offered it to me and I didn't know what to say, I was so nervous, I had no idea on what to do and she lead me, it was nice as she took it slow with me and at the time I thought that it was love.

When we went home we kept in contact for years, it was nice to be friends and every now and again she pops into my head and I smile to myself.

I think now that I was too young, I wish that I had weighted for longer before experiencing this act as I really didn't know what I was doing.

the next time I had sex was when I was 16, I was in a relationship with a girl who I met at college and we had been seeing each other for about 3 months, she made a comment to me that she thought that I thought that she was ugly.

I asked her to explain herself as I had no clue that she felt this way, she said it was because we were not intimate with each other and there must be something wrong with her.

I explained to her that it wasn't the fact that I thought she was ugly it was because I was scared of having sex as I had only done it once before, she was not as understanding as she could have been but later we did have sex.

After she told me that I had a lot to learn as I was pretty bad, i laughed as this was one reason I didn't want to have sex again, I wanted to feel comfortable with the girl first before taking the next step.

I did however meet a girl when I was 20 years old, we worked together and she was like my best friend, we hit it off as soon as we met each other and we used to go out on the drink and end up back at hers, she was brilliant and taught me a lot, she instructed me into pleasing her and from that day on I have never had a complaint.

If I could go back in time I wish I had waited till I was 20 when I first met my friend, I think she was the best, so understanding and so intelligent and made me feel like a man.

Alright we are not together anymore but we still talk to each other and see each other, my wife and her husband all get along and so do our kids. 

So I feel in myself that you have to have the feeling before taking the next step there is no rush, if the person you are with can understand that then maybe this person might be the one. 


The age in which you understand what sex entails, its consequences and your ability to handle the consequences of sex should it occurs is the right age to start having sex. Most people start having sex without thinking of the consequences and the get thrown off balance when the consequences of sex starts showing up in their lives. Such people are not truly ready for sex because they lack an understanding of what it truly entails

Anyone that thinks he/she can handle all the consequences associated with having sex and has attained the legal adult age in his/her country of residence is ready for sex


I started having sex at age 17. Even though I started drinking and smoking before I got my sexual experience. I know a lot of people both men and women who lost it at age 14. It depends on your heart really. When you truly know you're ready is a personal thing. Some aren't ready till their 25. My best friend lost it at age 25 when he truly wanted to have sex. He has a family now. And I still don't and I'm three years older than him. It solely depends on the person. Its not a norm to have sex at a certain age.