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Do you have faith in promises and their outcomes?

No i absolutely do not have faith in promises, let slone their outcomes. Experiencing failed promises is one of life's greatest eye openers. Its literally holding someone to a particular statement and in good faith. Your trust in that person is literally in the balance.

So i was in college, young, smart, and very much an introvert. I literally barely went anywhere and i was quite alright with just kicking back in my room watching movies, listening to music or just reading a book. I was gine with the solitude. Or so i thought.

You know, I'm sure you know. Yup, you're right its a story of that one boy who made his way into your heart and crushed it. Yup, its one of them stories. He was a fourth year student of engineering. He was tall, light skinned, 60% built like a tank buy in an appealing manner and eyes to kill the most evil soul. He was Alok.

I met him on a rainy day where i was late to my room because i was lost in the adventures of Artemis Fowl in the most exquisite libraries i had seen in a while. I ran as fast as possible to make it to the other side of the apartment buildings before i was completely soaked to my underwear and then i he was driving by and nearly knocked me down.

He gave me a lift after i probably went way beyond hysterical on him. The following week, i had forgotten all about him and there he came out of the blue and he remembered who i was snd asked if we could hang out. I fought every urge to say i had something to do and finally blurted out some rubbish but i guess he knew it was a yes. We hung out and i was a bit uncomfortable at first but he quickly drove away my fears and i gave him my trust.

I let him on a secret had not told anyone ever. He said to me.... "i promise this will always stay between us" . We were back from the summer break and i met my room door with posters and writings on the wall of things i never believed i would see. I called him immediately and it went to voicemail. I dashed to his dorm and there he was, with posters in his hand and his friends laughing outrageously snd he looked at me and said... "i could not hold it in"

I lost myself a little bit that day and left that school and started in another the following year. Promises are just empty words and their outcomes are most often than not, terrible.


I personally do not believe and  depend on any promises. As I have to go through many life experiences so there is no room for me to have faith on promises any more. I choose and prefer to me on my feet what ever the way it is. 

But is also depends on who is making the promises and what's my relationship level with him. If my mother promises me something, I would surely believe it. If any trust worthy person make promises then may be I will go for it. But I will make sure a back up plan. Because depending on the promises and changing my life rule for it is something does not fit with me. 

Let the promises where it be. 

But I do believe in God promises. This is what I am working for in my whole life. And this is what makes me feel peace and gives me the will power to go through my life. 


It would and could not say that in general. It depends entirely on the fact who is making those promises. If it is some sort of government..hell, no. No way. Are these people who I made bad experiences with before...no, never, whatsoever. For all the rest I try to listen to my gut feeling.