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What are the best things to ask a young lady when you initially meet her?
It's continually energizing for men to meet new young lady, particularly hot and alluring young ladies that you either need to date or possibly wed sometime in the not so distant future! Regardless of whether you know you like her, and you would prefer not to blow it, you are bad at making discussion with the young lady you like. What would it be advisable for you to do?

It can be tricky to spark up conversations when you meet a lady you definitely like for the first time because you'll be definitely taken away by the fact that they're alluring, beautiful and definitely captivating, this alone will keep you tongue tied and all attempt to speak will definitely be futile, do not worry this is definitely normal it's the frenzy that comes with meeting women that are endearing.

Try to relax so that you'll be able to think; when you're relaxed it will afford you enough time to contemplate on her personality and when you relax take your time do not rush However it will be better to sit with her in a place open and calm this will afford you time to relax yourself and mind.

Ask her questions about herself; this is a better way to get to know a lady and at the same time establish a rapport, (I met my girlfriend exactly this same way) try not to ask person questions like "are you single"? Because it's only your first time when you're asking questions always allow your questions smoky in before you present another one while you do this create a very innocent impression of yourself and never talk about yourself unless she asks you.

You're not bad at starting conversations you're only tensed, when she definitely feels comfortable talking to you, then she will start making conversations with you because you've earned her attention and you no longer have to keep talking, remember always listen, say thank you and "do you mind" when making request because you're trying hard to be polite.

Lastly when you meet women you can talk to them based on the circumstance you met them that's on the occasions where she may not able to sit with you, if it's during a period in traffic, talk to her about the traffic as a primary aim of contact which can spark other form of interactions, if it's in a restaurant you met her talk about the food in the restaurant with her as well and when age's leaving ask her when you'll meet her again, don't I repeat don't ask for her number if she definitely wants to meet she'll give you her contact.


Begin the conversation by asking what she does for fun. 

You can get a lot of information about her and more topics to talk about along this opening. Questions that aim to find similarity or sameness between your interests would usually get them engaged. They want to find out if you two would be compatible just as you are interested in knowing the other further.