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Can you make money with Steemit?
Steemit is an electronic life site that uses the blockchain and an advanced cash called Steem to compensate individuals. You can benefit on Steemit by forming quality blog passages, yet also upvoting and commenting on posts. ... As ought to be clear you can procure just by taking an enthusiasm without forming blog passages.

Yes, and there are even quite a lot of people making a living from Steem.

But, before you quit your dayjob, take a calculator, and see what "making a living" means for you, because it means a lot of different things for a lot of different people.

For instance: the place where you live will make a difference (expensive city in an expensice country vs cheaper countryside village in a cheaper country), if you are a single, or have a spouse, do you have children you need to take care of? What is your requirement of luxury? Do you see "making a living" as in: living in a one-room-appartment with a bed, wifi and running water, eating apples all day, or does "making a living" mean living in a 10-bedroom condo with a Porsche on the driveway, and being able to eat out every meal for you?

Quite a difference in meaning of the same saying "making a living", right?

But you sure can make some money on Steemit!


There are different methods of earning money with steemit but before that it is important to understand your profile. There are three types of people who make money on steemit

1. The Investors - Those who are invested in substantial amount of steem can buy steem power and delegate the same to bots

2. Contributors - Even with zero investment, contributors start making good money.

3. Developers - Who develop bots and other dApps and earn money from curation. Steemit Inc delegates substantial amount of steem power to promote dApps


Well to answer that question I would really point out some points that will give one a nice idea how/what is the procedure to make or earn money or like the question seeks " Can you make money with Steemit?"

"While from my side I have been earning  in Steemit for quite some time in Steemit."

The recent interview of Ned Scott (CEO of Steemit ) will sure makes  a fact that since 2016 Steem Blockchain has distributed 40 Million dollars of Steem &SBD to its users. Which is getting higher everyday.

Source: Youtube (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BLRlLyAfpQE)

Few ways of Earning in Steemit

Without Investing a dime

If a user is new in Steemit than as of now that user will have problems communicating with other users because of the RC issue, so it will be really hard to grow in here and let alone earn some money. While once an user gains some potential or increase SteemPower than more the engagement made by that Steemit user the more chance will he/she get to earn money by contributing his/her thoughts in Steemit.

With Investment 

Currently there are various ways that a user can earn a lot from without doing any work if that person is an investor. If he/she has a large amount of SP than just by delegating those suppose to bidbots that investor can earn money everyday without doing any work. Just money will come by without any sweat.

While apart from the above two choices, there are few other ways to earn in Steemit and yes it is proven that we can earn in Steemit.

  • Create Good contents
  • Users will notice you if you follow the 1st rule
  • Once you get noticed you will start making engagements in Steemit
  • Once you make engagements other users will visit your blog and they wil show the appreciation for your work by upvoting and commenting your posts. 

It takes some time to reach at that level but it is indeed worth it.

Using dapps we can earn some handsome upvotes as well.

Like busy.org , EsteemSurfer and Steempress a user can post in Steemit and get rewarded by their bots or get white listed to get rewards in the form of upvotes.

While if we are talking about whole Steem Blockchain than there is a lot of option to choose from for a user and there is a lot of chance to get high reward as well. 

For instance if a user is good at Blokchain or knows a lot of Stuff than Musing could be right choice for Q & A for that user.

If a user is good at creating Video contents than Dtube is prefect for him/her. 

Steemhunt is there to reward users for sharing products on their site. 

A big Yes that we can earn money by sharing our thoughts in Steemit not only in the form of blogs but as comment as well.


Why do I have the weird feeling you were not interested in getting an answer. I don't know, maybe because you yourself literally answer the question you asked just below it.



Steemit is an incentivized blockchain based social media platform that rewards users monetarily for participating on the platform. In other words, you can make money on Steemit.  Similar to the popular social media site Reddit, users on Steemit can publish blog post, make comments, and get paid for doing so. To make sure you have a good understanding of Steemit and the platform, I suggest you check out this straightforward article on exactly how it works.

This guide is going to take you through the five different ways that you can make some serious money on Steemit’s platform.




STEEM Power really is the key to the Steemit platform. You can think about STEEM power as the amount of influence you have. The more STEEM power you have, the more influence you have on the Steemit platform. STEEM power is so important, that people actually LEASE out their STEEM Power in exchange for, interest paid out in STEEM dollar, plus the principal amount of STEEM Power that was lent out.

More STEEM power translates to: Posts ranking higher on the Steemit platform and a higher payout on comments and blog posts. There’s a real incentive to have as much STEEM Power as possible. Therefore, people who do have a lot of it, capitalize on this need by leasing it out to other people. However, it should be noted that you can either acquire a large amount of STEEM power organically, through everyday interactions on the Steemit platform, or you can purchase it with fiat currency. Regardless of which method you decide to choose, STEEM power is an important component of the Steemit platform.



If you’re someone that doesn’t like writing articles, don’t worry, there’s an even EASIER way you can make money on the Steemit platform. Simply posting a comment underneath a blog post or upvoting comments and blog posts can help make you money.

 As you can see, comments tend to pay out a lot less than blog posts, but if you’re able to make a lot of them, the money can quickly add up. Remember, the more insightful and relevant your comments are, the more likely that other people will upvote them, and the more money you’ll make. 



One very straightforward way of making money on Steemit is to blog. If you can write interesting and insightful blog posts, you can quickly build a following on the platform. The bigger your following, the bigger your rewards will be on the platform. You will then be able to convert your rewards to other cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and then into fiat currency.

 Blogging is probably the most time-consuming way of making money on the Steemit platform. It requires you to be diligent with the quality of the posts you make, as well as to actively grow the number of followers you have. It’s something that cannot be done immediately, but if done properly, can pay off in a big way.