Will lab grown fish be a thing?
And could it solve both world hunger and over-fishing?

In terms of what a fish hatchery is, it may as well be referred to as such.

An artificial environment, to breed fish, with the sole intent of them being released for sport, food, or both. 

This is similar to a lab, just less scientific and sterile in it's nature. Fish are easy to breed, labs aren't really needed, just pools of water with proper water treatment, and food. That is it.

There are two ways to look at this. Many of these species would have been long extinct by now, and by us farming them, they are still here. Another argument could be that was are messing with natural selection, and another could be that it is inhumane. These are moral implications that one must decide for him or herself, what to feel about such a practice.


Why does it have to be a lab grown? Fish farms already exist. World hunger and over-fishing still exist.

The problem with world hunger cannot be fixed by introducing new type of food. It's root is in the lack of local resources and insufficient transport infrastructure in the poorest parts of the world. We have more than plenty of food.