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Draper Team Reopens the Future of Bitcoin, Already Know?
Draper Team Reopens the Future of Bitcoin, Already Know?

Earlier this month, famous cryptocurrency investors and crypto celebrities Tim Draper talked about his views on the future of Bitcoin. Historically, Draper was known to be very optimistic about cryptocurrency. Of course, as an investor it is profitable to be bullish. In short, Draper believes that despite the current estimates and trends of last year, Bitcoin will rise above the level that has never been experienced before, thanks to the investor community behind it. Here's a snippet of what Draper said earlier this month at the Salt Conference in Las Vegas:

"This will continue because, I believe more than in four years, something like that, bitcoin will be around 5% market share on Earth. It is a better, decentralized, open-transparent currency; everyone knows what happened on the blockchain. I finally want to have funds where I accept bitcoin and I fund everyone in bitcoin and they pay their employees and suppliers in bitcoin and then I pay my investors in bitcoin. Because I later did not need accounting, there were no laws, there were no books, there were no detainees - everything would be done. "

Draper believes that by 2023, Bitcoin will represent around 5% of all market share in the world, which means that 5% of every bit of money in the world is Bitcoin. Is this a realistic concept? Maybe, though it will require a large number of adoptions. Draper acknowledges that Bitcoin is a better currency than the majority of cryptocurrency adopted globally. He believes in the decentralized services provided by Bitcoin and sees a future that allows him to do as many transactions and investments as he likes, without the need for intermediaries, no accountants, no lawyers, no books, only him, investors and money. This is what Bitcoin promised us all and what Bitcoin wants to achieve.

Decentralization allows for the elimination of intermediaries. With Bitcoin, users have control over their finances and don't need to depend on the central bank to moderate their money. Without these banks and with full control, we can become more responsible for our money and thus, all can be a little richer in the process. Draper believes that this reality is a little closer than we think and believes that the adoption of Bitcoin will suddenly be immediately driven by a big surge in the value of Bitcoin.