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Is the Luno exchanger, the easiest way to buy Bitcoin and Ethereum?
is the Luno exchanger, the easiest way to buy Bitcoin and Ethereum?

Well, I have used Luno for years now and have recommended it to several persons. I am not saying that Luno is the easiest way to buy Bitcoin and Etherum, Luno is the best and most reliable exchange to locally buy ETH and BTC.


Luno is present in Indonesia with the main goal to facilitate the purchase and storage of secure cryptocurrency and learning about cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. Their main project is to build the Luno brand in Indonesia to gain a strong understanding of the Indonesian market. Cryptocurrency is a new technology. Many Indonesian people have not understood it. Luno brand awareness in Indonesia remains a challenge. They are targeting to be a platform for people to learn about cryptocurrency and become the first choice when they finally decide to invest or buy cryptocurrency like Bitcoin and Ethereum.

One of Luno's values ​​is that they love customers. This means, they want to ensure products and features are in accordance with the local market They constantly ensure their products are easy to use. Professional repair and important features to ensure customers get the best experience with their Bitcoin and Ethereum on the Luno platform. The project that Luno wants to complete includes awareness of cryptocurrency and increasing users. They target people to start depositing and buying Bitcoin, regardless of the amount. They can even start with Rp. 15,000 to buy Bitcoin or Ethereum on our platform.

Luno global users almost reach more than 2 million customers. Indonesia contributes 15% of total global users. At present, their daily trading volume is 50 to 70 (BTC and ETH). The development of the total volume of BTC trading has increased five times since 2017 and the development of total ETH trading volume has increased 100 times since 2017. Luno currently has 500-700 new users every day. Previously, Luno focused on the Jabodetabek area, but they are now starting towards other major cities in Indonesia to promote cryptocurrency and Luno products. There are 3 reasons why Luno believes Southeast Asia is a big potential market for the cryptocurrency business:

First, the population of Southeast Asia is very large. At present, there are 650 million people in Southeast Asia, with an estimated up to 790 million people in 2040 contributing 9% of the world's population.

Second, internet users in Southeast Asia are also large: 380 million people in Southeast Asia are connected to the internet. Although the internet penetration rate (internet users per total population) in Southeast Asia is quite low compared to other regions, but the internet users are among those that are growing rapidly.

Third, several Southeast Asian countries have begun to sharpen the regulations underlying cryptocurrency to bring positive market sentiment to the use of this new technology. Luno is optimistic that when regulations for cryptocurrency are late in many countries, many people will be more confident to use cryptocurrency in their lives.

Luno is always exploring opportunities for partnerships that will enhance customer experience, from registration, deposit / withdrawal, and customer assistance centers. In the next three years, Luno will explore opportunities for partnerships for as many methods of opening deposits / withdrawals as possible and opening new registration channels. Luno's goal for Indonesia is to form a brand, educate the market and get new customers. Any partnership that helps Luno achieve its goals will be a top priority.


I don't know so much about it but I know that people always complain of luno being costly in terms of transaction fee


There are numerous exchanger platforms that can be used to buy both Bitcoin and etherium apart from LUNO. It just depends on you know how to utilize such platforms. I believe LUNO is just one of the exchange platforms out of more than 1000 exchangers. I actually love LUNO for it's easy to use features and the payment receiving method adopted by the organization with Nigerian banks because we can have our money transferred directly into our bank account after trading either Bitcoin or Etherium.

It is also advisable you are more careful and cautious on the type of exchanging platform you intend to buy your cryptos to avoid getting scammed and loosing your funds. There are some great reliable exchangers such as paxful, Binance and LUNO included. There may also be other exchanging platforms though but you just need to be extremely cautious to avoid getting duped.

In conclusion, LUNO is actually one of the best easy-to-use exchange platforms so far that can be used to buy Bitcoin and Etherium. It is widely used by Nigerians and some other countries due to it's great reliability.

Thanks for reading and I hope this helps.