Why doesn't Ripple's XRP Price Soar Following XRP Listing on Coinbase?
Why doesn't Ripple's XRP Price Soar Following XRP Listing on Coinbase?

Coinbase recently entered XRP on its platform. For Ripple, this is a progressive step towards a standard for international money transfers. The project, which has a global network of more than 200 banks and payment providers, deserves value for leading the industry, as far as practical use cases are concerned. Indeed, whether or not you like XRP, XRP's ability to complete transactions cannot be denied. On Monday February 25, news spread quickly about XRP being registered on Coinbase. XRP / BTC prices rose at US $ 0.000087915, or rose 10%, but this movement needs to be traced back soon.

There is a continuing effort by Ripple to separate itself from XRP digital assets. There is a lot of speculation about this. Some see this as a tactic to avoid XRP claims as securities. In many cases, it seems that XRP is not a security token. However, the SEC has not yet given its official decision on this issue and considered its consequences throughout the industry. The SEC's delay was somewhat forgiven. Therefore, it is not reasonable to expect a significant price change when the XRP is trapped in regulation. In related issues, Ripple is currently faced with a series of demands for legality. All allegations are based on violations of State and Federal law by failing to register the XRP with the SEC. Lawsuits place the XRP in a state of further uncertainty, which could continue to affect prices and investor confidence in the XRP. Meanwhile, some parties believe this legality action is not a problem, only a symptom of litigation culture.

As previously reported in Coindaily, JPMorgan will release its own crypto currency to compete with XRP. JPM Coin will position itself as a stable coin pegged to US dollars. The trial is expected to be launched later this year. Although it is still uncertain whether this should be interpreted as a large US bank that supports crypto currencies, or only FOMO actions. There is little doubt about JP Morgan's credibility and the potential to change the blockchain industry. This presents a real threat to Ripple and XRP. Until the fall of last year, Coinbase users could only trade Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, and Litecoin. This makes the platform has a wise reputation but is still highly valued due to its friendly user interface and compensation protection. Currently Coinbase supports 18 crypto currencies, with plans to add more.


The reason XRP doesnt pump just because it got listed on coinbase is because everyone knew about it, so the market already priced it in.... people knew it was coming and traded on it ahead of time, also coinbase had its own supply of ripple so they had plenty of ripple ready for coinbase users to buy in their own internal offchain market that doesnt effect the price....

Thats actually a good sign that the price isnt effected by a market listing, it shows maturity and decentralization in the cryptocurrency markets.  If we had news and listings effecting price making it volatile then it seems cool when it goes up but immature tech when it goes down.... stable coins may seem boring until the bear cycle happens and you need them, and then making 5 to 10% extra APR a year passive income holding a STABLE coin in a declining bear market seems like a great deal!

I know baby wanted his ripple bottle but ripple baba empty.... baby have better luck buying EOS and powering down his steem and selling it for popular steem-engine tokens and EOSIO tokens ..... which will actually be available to buy and sell on the steem-engine dex very soon, along with regular stocks like apple and amazon once @agroed gets his broker licence and then shits gonna get real ! IMAGINE selling steem on steem-engine to buy GOOGLE and AMAZON stock... imagine the pegged stock assets on steem-engine and being able to send and receive STOCKS, STOCKS you can actually sell for STEEM-Pegged or Bitcoin-Pegged, and if you submit your KYC ETC you will be able to actually withdraw the stock for cash using some sort of ACH transfer, or maybe you will get to just buy and sell on the dex, and just sending STOCKS to other steemians, its going to be cool!

ANYWAY back to your question, the market prices these news events in :D  Coinbase selling ripple will definitely add to their infrastructure allowing for a pump to happen a lot easier during the next bull market run. That one extra step to have to use an exchange like Poloniex/Bittrex/Binance in order to buy Ripple/Stellar made it much less likely to become as popular as it can be NOW when older people with all the USD can now buy Ripple directly with money from their bank using coinbase, no extra exchanges needed.