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Will the 'Crypto ’movie only spread the FUD?
Will the 'Crypto ’movie only spread the FUD?

What dictates prices in the market? It are the market participants: traders, investors, brokers, market makers that are currently trading. A market is basically a big order book where you try to find a consensus on price.

What people say on message boards, in newspapers, in a stupid movie, it doesn't matter. 

What do you think, that whales will suddenly dump all their crypto because someone made a movie? Yeah, that makes much sense. (sarcasm)

People who are influenced by such things are retards. The same with the wolf of wallstreet movie. Some people think that's how things really work on wallstreet. People are really clueless.

Morale of the story, don't watch to much tv. They are called actors and it's not real. Even when hollywood bases something on a real life story it's always made more sensational than in reality. 


on March 11, 2019, Hollywood released footage from a film about Cryptocurrency with the title Crypto. Directed by John Stalberg Jr., Crypto is rumored to be released on 12 April 2019 to come. The film attracts a number of famous actors including Alexis Bledel, Luke Hemsworth, Beau Knapp, and Kurt Russell who starred in the film Guardians of The Galaxy 2, The Hateful Eight, and others. However, will the Crypto film spread FUD or Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt ?. The Crypto film tells the story of a Wall Street executive (Beau Knapp) who gets a job at Anti-Money Laundering (Anti-Money Laundering) which finally reveals a world financial conspiracy that leads to the Russian conspirator kidnapping his family members. This film seems to describe cryptocurrency mostly in terms of negativity and focus more on the possibility of criminal acts using cryptocurrency - which is actually the possibility of this criminal act also remaining in the use of cash.

Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt in 'Crypto' Films

This film raises the typical story of cybercrime and American action that we often encounter, the difference in this film is that crime is done using cryptocurrency. Hollywood still displays the stereotypical criminal Russian mafia and a protagonist who is a hero. Really typical American action film. When viewed from the IMDB page none of the film crews are experts in Bitcoin or cryptocurrency. There is only one person, namely Chuck Girard, who oversees the making of this little film ~ involved in cryptocurrency. That was only a tweet three times on a giveaway promotion with a Bitcoin prize on Twitter in 2017.

It seems that this film will only show a misunderstanding to the general public about how cryptocurrency technology works. The making of this film is like just adding cryptocurrency as a new technology into the standard framework of action films. From the poster, it is clear that the film's slogan is "Fear is the ultimate currency", which means fear is the most valuable currency. Crypto investors will likely see the release of this Crypto film as a good and a bad thing. Because no doubt this film will bring attention to other Bitcoin and crypto such as Ethereum and Stellar. Although the existence of this film can be one sign that cryptocurrency will be increasingly ogled by the wider community, but if the representation of bitcoin and cryptocurrency in this film is shown negatively, won't it create an irrational FUD?