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How meditation helps us to grow?

Meditation can help you in many ways to grow. If you do meditation, you will get the benefit.

Improve concentration

When you do meditation, you concentrate your mind. And you are learning how to concentrate and focus on one thing. You know how to avoid others thoughts that comes in your mind. To improve your concentration, you can do meditation. 

Reduce stress

We have to go through a lot of stress. It can come from your professional life or personal life. If you want to live a healthy and happy life, you should reduce stress. And medication can help you to do that.

Healthy lifestyle

When you do meditation, it helps you become more aware of your thoughts and action. You can see what you are doing that is not right. Maybe you eat unhealthy food sometimes or you do not do exercises that you decided to do. Now you can focus on eating healthy and doing exercise. Meditation encourages a healthy lifestyle.

Slow aging

Who doesn't want to look young and beautiful anyway? Studies shows that if you do meditation, you look better. It changes brain physiology to slow aging. Since meditation helps reduce stress, you will not only feel better, but also look better.

Increase self awareness and happiness

Self awareness is very important. Do you know what you really want in life? Self awareness brings happiness. It is because you know who you are, and you can focus on doing your thing instead of comparing yourself with others and listen to other people. Meditation can increase self awareness and happiness in life.

If you do meditation, this is how, meditation helps you to grow.

I think the primary motivation behind why is on account of it encourages you rationally more than whatever else. Contemplation is, as I would see it, the best profitability device that there will ever be.

Many individuals think that its really difficult to focus and along these lines experience difficulty ruminating. The issue is that they run in to it with the wrong desires. The objective isn't to simply observe and consider nothing. It is to simply sit and enable your cerebrum to do whatever it needs to do.

To start with, take note of that reflection is somewhat unique in relation to yoga. While yoga is a more profound type of unwinding and requires a more significant coordination of psyche, body, and soul, reflection is more streamlined.
The impacts ought not be thought little of, however. It improves your cerebrum in fact as well as revives your brain. The more you do it, the more positive your viewpoint in life progresses toward becoming.

There are numerous contemplation benefits that you can in any case enjoy amid calm circumstances and offer amid occupied hours. The individuals who hone reflection regularly look noticeably more quiet. You can feel their happiness and perceive how solid they are outwardly.

This is on the grounds that reflection makes a more grounded body by enhancing what is inside. For instance, a fourty years old man who ponders can have a superior memory than a 30-year-old lady who is constantly pushed and does not have an opportunity to do as such.

Contemplation benefits are beyond any reasonable amount to specify however to give a thought, it helps the insusceptible framework and diminishes the danger of creating cardio-pneumonic maladies. Other than that, it enhances the capacity of the mind influencing it to age slower than normal.

Concentrated breathing systematically discharges muscle pressures and unwinds the framework gave you are doing it in the correct place. The breathing sort of reflection, nonetheless, will be more compelling if done the correct way, that is, through the nose. Notice that the stomach extends when taking in through the nose and contracts when breathing out.

Do this more than once with your eyes shut. Discharge the strain and free your contemplations. You will in the long run think that its difficult to focus in the event that you are accustomed to engaging a great deal of thoughts or issues irritate you frequently, yet careful discipline brings about promising results.

What it does to the cerebrum, it does to the body too. Individuals who contemplate have less free radicals in the body. They additionally look more youthful and more joyful, and the passionate dependability can best clarify this. The serotonin levels in the mind are likewise increasedwhich why they show up and feel more joyful.

Practice it the basic way or escalate your mindfulness. Your quest for satisfaction will be effective in the event that you do it with truthfulness and by heart.

Free reflection music may be a decent organization in your escape. Some who are different to it have extremely no clue how they sound, however with the assistance of the Web, you can locate a wide cluster of reflection music.

As much as music can be an extraordinary organization, a guided contemplation sound can likewise encourage amateurs. It enables the psyche and body to center around the unwinding action as in an explorer having a guide to control in his adventure.

With everything taken into account, discover an opportunity to spend in contemplation, as it would be a decent method to tune-up your brain and body. Adoring your body is cherishing life so grasp the reflection benefits that are offered to you free.
In the event that individuals reply to your inquiry 'no' at that point I can reveal to you they are not genuine rehearsing meditators. In Buddhism contemplation is honed to end up peaceful and get free off awful musings and propensities. In short a legitimate contemplation practice ought to ordinarily prompt insight which implies that it should bring about getting free off numbness. On the off chance that it doesn't then you may rehearse contemplation dishonorably.

There are very part of misdirecting answers to your inquiry here on Quora, sadly. There are two sorts of contemplations. One is called of fixation write while the other one is of perception compose. I speculate individuals here training just a single kind of reflection which is of fixation. In the event that you hone just a single of the reflection definitely it won't get free off your propensity to think contrarily. Just blend of two kinds of contemplation will assist you with changing your propensities since such practice is precisely intended to change any of your propensities at intuitive level.

Give me a chance to give you a case of how contemplation activating positive reasoning. In Mahayana Buddhism it is instructed that one who takes after its lessons needs to create sympathy. We regularly call it as Extraordinary Sympathy. It is depicted as an unlimited sentiment of empathy toward others in like manner mother's sympathy toward her single child. It is seen that such obvious empathy can be created just through genuine intervention.
I see meditation as a way for us to be in the "now." Living in the moment will free you. Too much thought on the past can arouse worry; too much anticipation for future can cause anxiety. Once you see the beauty and simplicity in this, then your growth is a certainty.
Meditation is never the control of the body. There is no actual division between the organism and the mind. The brain, the nervous system and the thing we call the mind are one, indivisible.

It is the natural act of meditation that brings about the harmonious movement of the whole. To divide the body from the mind and to control the body with intellectual decisions is to bring about contradiction, from which arise various forms of struggle, conflict and resistance.

Every decision to control only breeds resistance, even the determination to be aware. Meditation is the understanding of the division brought about by decision. Freedom is not the act of decision but the act of perception. The seeing is the doing. It is not a determination to see and then to act. After all, will is desire with all it's contradictions.

When one desire assumes authority over another, that desire becomes will. In this there is inevitable division. And meditation is the understanding of desire, not the overcoming of one desire by another. Desire is the movement of sensation, which becomes pleasure and fear. This is sustained by the constant dwelling of thought upon one or the other.

**Meditation really is a complete emptying of the mind. Then there is only functioning of the body; there is only the activity of the organism and nothing else; then thought functions without identification as the me and the non-me. **

Thought is mechanical, as is the organism. What creates conflict is thought identifying itself with one of its parts which becomes the me, the self and the various divisions in that self. There is no need for the self at any time. There is nothing but the body, and freedom of the mind can only happen when thought is not breeding the me.

There is no self to understand but only the thought which creates the self. When there is only the organism without the self , perception, both visual and non-visual can never be distorted. There is only seeing 'what is' and that very perception goes beyond what is.

The emptying of the mind is not an activity of thought or an intellectual process. The continuous seeing of what is without any kind of distortion naturally empties the mind of all thought and yet that very mind can use thought when it is necessary.

**Thought is mechanical and meditation is not.**

Excerpt taken from 'The Beginnings of Learning'
Author: Jiddu Krishnamurti
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If you want a really good answer I suggest reading "The Mind Illuminated" by John Yates. Which mixes a spiritual practice with the actual science of the mind.
Meditation helps us grow by allowing us to cut out the negativity that fills our thoughts everyday.

By meditating on an object for a few minutes to a few hours, our brains become trained to stay calm, focused and become self reflective rather than irrationally reactive. Meditation practiced everyday can have profound effects in daily life. One will be able to stay on task by using the practice of focusing on doing one thing and doing it well. The mind will not be distracted by any outside forces. This will introduce a sense of accomplishment and overall well being to the meditator.

Meditation has been proven to (whether you believe in it or not) remove negative energies from you and feed positive detoxifying energy into your system. It is actually very important that one disconnects from everyday life and allows the brain to rest and rejuvenate. Meditation also teaches us discipline since it is not easy when you first start out and can take years and years of practice to even get past the 1st few stages.

With practice everyday for even a few minutes, you will be able to see the great benefits meditation can bring.

By doing Meditation with a heart, we drain the energy of the selfless love of the infinite into our bodies, connected with the core of our life; that is the heart. In life we became closer to heart, listen to the direction of the heart and sharpens the intuition. With meditation, we are also releasing the tired and imprisoned, giving little time for thoughts, merge back in positive energy and build positive energy around us. With a free heart, We also use light, thought to be more bright and clear and the best I could to be the best.

The path of the light to be open, the aura to be clean, and make themselves more luminous. The path of abundance open because the energy that comes from the wide abundance. Take a chance-four that appear, you who created it. Feel how the happiness and peace you can feel when you find your life in love and light, be the light of the light that illuminates your surroundings
Meditation can make someone to have focus and also have great determination to scale through the hurdles of life,with meditation we tend to become a better person and more determined person and also someone that has very huge dreams..