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Which bot to choose if you have only 15 dollar in steem and you want upvotes?

You are better off powering up.

You actually lose money using bots and i will show you why.

You have $15 to spend and this is current today what it is worth using bots.

Smart steem bots will give you $16.80 for your $15. Remember though you lose 25% to curation so 25% of $16.80 is $4.20 so your $15 has bought you $12.60.

Minnow booster will give you slightly more and you will receive $22.20. Take away curation and your $15 is now worth $16.65.

That is not a great return and you are just best powering up and increasing your SP which on the internal market will give you more than 18 SP.

Unfortunately users don't understand all the calculations and a majority are actually throwing money away without even knowing it.

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It is not possible to identify one bot to be profitable as its ratio keeps on changing every time. One bot is profitable on one turn in the next turn it may end up in loss. Let’s assume a bot is giving upvote worth 1$ if it receives 2 bid of .1 $ each its vote will be distributed in the both bid in ration of .5$ each and both will end up in profitable. In the next round upvote worth is the same but if it receives bids valuing 1$ or more in next the bot will become in loss.
Considering above I will see which bot or bots are giving best profits in the round and will invest accordingly in two three or more bots.

If you make good contents and engage to build your audience. You don't need any vote buying. People will eventually upvote you.

It's a short term gain and you do not produce any value to the Steem ecosystem in the long run. The only entity that will profit are the vote sellers.

Unless you are buying votes to raise attention for your posts, what is the point of buying votes? Lemme ask you, what will be the long term value of Steem if you can use steem to buy steem?

Do you think your local economy can function if you can go a special shop and buy 2 rupees with 1 rupee, rinse and repeat?

Vote sellers and buyers are ruining everything that's good about Steem.

If you only have $15, there are better ways to spend it:

- If you're being limited by lack of Resource Credits, power up so you can be more active.

- If you know you're going to be very active for a few weeks, and you're unknown but able to create things that people are interested in (more than just personal blogs), rent delegated Steem Power through @minnowbooster. You'll have a much bigger vote for a short period. 

Voting bots are unprofitable, as @cryptoandcoffee explained. They might be useful if you can afford to spend a few hundred dollars in order to put a project with a marketing budget on the front page.


Hello , First of all your question is very important , need to know about bots which can give profit .

I will introduce 2 or 3 bot that can return you back in positive .

1 -@smartsteem

This bot minimum bid 5 steem and positive response.

2 -@postpromoter

This bot also have good reputations minimum bid 5 steem .

3 -@appreciator

This bot is also working good and boost your post , minumum bis 4 steem .

You can check them through this link [Link](https://steembottracker.com/)


None of them! It has got to the point that bots are not profitable (or barely!), and often they are even negative ROI. The owners are squezing every last penny out of the users, and often set maximum profit at 10%.

You would be better to power up the $15 and focus on continuing bloggin and learning more about other ways to make money on the blockchain, such as through Musing, Steemhunt, Dlike and many others


Please stop wasting your money on bots. Just power up and go do some curation. You will come out better in the long run. 

First of all , i will go steem bot tracker and i will choose bot which has good voting power
Though i have not really tried using a bot to get an upvotes berore but if i am giving an option to use

a bot,i think i will choose minnowbooster,i like the

way the bots is operated and they have so much steempower delegated by some people and

those that delegated steempower to them get

some certain returns on their invested steempower which they delegated to the bot,but i

do not like the idea of using bots to get upvotes,i think the best way to get upvotes is to continue to

write quality content till steemians start noticing you and giving you an upvotes...
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i suggest you upme and appreciator and minnow support 3 of them are best but though nowadays steem value is not stable so i would recommend you don't use bots for an upvote. because of price variation, you may get loss instead of benefits
I would advice you to use “jerrybanfield” if you want to buy an upvote,the steemian has very

good vote values which will meet your needs and

the reason why you want to buy the upvotes and also he upvotes faster and his services are cool

and that would make you get his attention and probably get free upvotes from him in the future if

your content is very good...i also love the bot “appreciator”the bot too is a good one for buying

of upvoting and making your content more popular...
Use upme or buildawhale because they give you the best results !
Check the vote value in steembottracker.com to know the precise value of bots.The voting power matters the most

That is a horrible idea. Most bots today are at most a 10 or 15% ROI if you get lucky and do not have some idiot come in and over bid the bot. If you get on steembot tracker you will see most bots are going into negative ROI every single round so after curation and everything you are only going to get about 13 dollars in return for the 15 you sent in. Please don't so that.