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What to do if bots take your money and didnt upvote ?

Then you will report that to the bot owner. They will check if you really did send the bot money. The money transfer is a public transaction on the blockchain and easily verifiable as well as whether or not the bot upvoted your post. If it's a bug, the bot owner will fix the bug and you'll get your money with apologies. If not, people will stop using the bot once you complain about it in public. 

If you chose some good bots, it is very rare that you con't got an upvote.
Sometime delays occur due to some problems with the bots. but mostly in such cases bots either refund the money or upvote once the problem is resolved.
I have encounter this situation few times but I got my upvote/ refund after some delay usually a day or so.
If you encounter any such problem, it is suggested that you should wait for some time.
After waiting for some time if you still unable to get then you can talk to the bot owner with evidence. I'm hopeful that you will get the response from the bot and get your amount back.
Maybe you can call the attention of people to it so that they will help you out in finding ways on how

to deal with such bots but first of all you need to carry out your own investigation so that you fan

know why the bots did not upvote your contents even when you have already paid for the

upvotes,the delay might not be the fault of the bots,the delay could be directly from the

blockchain so i will advice someone facing a similar problem to ensure that they are patient

and try to find out the cause first before taking any decisions...
There are no other options if the bots which have promised to return but still not given back your amount you can easily contact them and can make a complain regarding such vote in steembot tracker itself.

But if bots which are non-refundable then there are no chances you can get your steem or steemdollar back in case you have to spend with some profitable bots and refundable bots only.

My advice is to not to go with such bots which are non-refundable if you are new to steemit you can just go to some profitable and refundable bots and can spend money without taking such risk.
I recently sent minnowbooster a couple of sbds to upvote one of my post. They usually vote after only a few minutes. But I waited almost an hour and no one voted. It was almost my sleeping time so I thought lets wait and went to sleep.

But even in the next morning they didn't. So I went to their discord and cordially asked the reason of delay.. They had a node problem. Some of steem blockchains node were clogged because of a bug.. so minnobooster had lended their private nodes to steem. After one day or so they upvoted me with twice the amount even after excluding the curation reward...

Usually if you wait a day or two they will upvote you with covering your losses. But if they cant atleast they will return the money. If they don't do anyof the said things just go to their discord.. with a proof that you send the money... all of the bots has their own discord channel. They will help you with the rest.. No need to worry.
lol i used bots for upvotes so i didn't suffer such kind of problem but if it happens then be patient :p and try to keep yourself calm :p well don't trust on small bot just use famous bots for voting you will never face this difficulty :p
If bots are given the rights thats show they will refund your money such bots if didnot refund the money you can raise an issue in steemit blockchain or else if you have used other bots which was not suggested you can not get your money back

I have heard some complaints that some people

made on steemit that they paid a bot to upvote

their post but the bots did not upvote their posts
and they are getting frustrated,but sometimes

each bots do have their own features and how

they operate,some bots upvotes at a particular time of a day and if you buy upvotes from such

bots it means you will have to wait for the right

time when they do upvote posts,if the bots do not

work such way and you did not get upvotes then

maybe you should not contact their owners through their discord channel or their contact

details which you have...

You can try to contact the bot owner. Chances are you are screwed though. I have got a refund a couple times but some of those bots are straight up scam artists.