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What are the benefits of doing yoga?

3. Benefits of Yoga for Health

Increase patience and focus

The first benefit of yoga for health is to relax. Yoga relies on breathing so that it can have a good effect on your calm and patience. If you are saturated, try doing some yoga and meditation movements so you can relieve your fatigue. People who are diligent in meditation and yoga, usually have a soothing aura of emotion. In addition, someone who routinely does yoga is usually also more calm facing various situations and challenges found in everyday life.

2. Body strength

The benefits of yoga for health that are well known are its positive effects on body strength. Many people are lazy to do yoga because they consider the movement to be less specific and have no effect. Yoga can actually help you cultivate body strength. If you follow the correct yoga movement, then you will know that yoga also takes up your energy so that it can burn the energy that has been saved in the body.

Calming the mind

The benefits of yoga for further health are the effects of calming the mind. One of the pleasures of yoga is the feeling of calm that you can get through meditation. Usually yoga is done in a place that supports concentration, it can also use soothing music that gives healing effects to a tired mind


Depending on the style you practice the benefits are manyfold, better health in old age through maintaining mobility, muscle tone when practicing the more powerful styles like ashtanga yoga, easier to tackle obstacles in real life through daily commitment, counteracting the ailments of a sedentary lifestyle, up to accompanying one on the journey to death which is the main purpose.