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What is the meaning of musing?
I like this question...

I also like the name "Musing" as a question and answer platform because it's so apt.

Musing (noun) - period of reflection or deep thoughts.

When someone say "He is musing over something", it means the person is thinking deeply about said thing, asking and wondering all the 'how','what','why' of the matter.

the word "Musing" also is a gerund of the word Muse.

Muse (verb) - be absorbed in thought.

So the founder of Musing had the aspiration that Musing is a place in the Steem Blockchain where people can entertain deep thoughts inspired by the questions they see here..

Incidentally, a Muse is one of the nine inspirational goddesses of literature, science, and the arts in Greek mythology. One is said to be "blessed by a Muse" when inspiration struck there.
As per Google, Musing means a period of reflection or thought.
That is Musing reflects your thoughts in the form of answers or questions.