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What i can do to earn money online?
This is what most internet users are looking for.

You may be a student, housewife or even an employee who is already earning money every month but still wants to find a way to earn money from the Internet.

It's okay, because I do too.

Earnings that I get to mediocre so I decided to jump into an online business that might be able to provide additional income for me.

You can also follow what I do.

But keep in mind.

Looking for additional income from the internet is not easy. If not careful, you can be a victim of fraud in the online world.

Do not believe in a business that can make you rich in a short time. Just like in the offline world, you also have to want to work hard if you want to earn money from the online world

Below are some ideas for earning from internet that you can try ->

Through Blogging
a great way to earn money from the internet, because blogging activity we can do though without capital. But if you want to get extra money quickly

I can not explain in detail because the explanation is very long
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Steemit is definitely something you can do and the best part about is that you can do pretty much anything you want on Steemit and earn some income doing it.

Check out some of the apps and different platforms on steemprojects but you can always just do whatever you want then post it to your blog as well.
Work hard like in real life.
I will try to answer your questions briefly and clearly. Hope this helps you.

There are many things we can do to get results on the internet. One of them is by writing on steemit.com. Of course first must register an account that will work later. Many other decentralized media. Like this Musing.io itself that will definitely pay you.

Also of course by doing bitcoin mining and selling online, such as creating a website that contains about our wares.

And of course there are many other things we can do to get results on the internet.

Hope this answer will help you. Most importantly never be afraid to try anything. Spirit!
You can earn money on fiverr if you have skills to offer,for example if you are a good writer,you can start making money with writing gigs on fiverr and trust me the income is great overthere
If you know any skill you can sell your skill online to get money. You can write on Steemit, you can write on your blog. You can teach online, you can create your own Youtube Channel online.