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How to devote a post in steemit?

If by "devote" you mean "unvote" or to remove your vote, then you can just simply click on the upvote button again. Once you click on the upvote button again, a pop-up will appear to confirm your unvote. Just click on the "OK" button and your vote will be remove.

However if you mean by "devote a post" here like give all the post payouts to other users, then you can set them as "Beneficiaries". One way to do this is through SteemPeak.com. Just input the username of the one who you want  to share a percent of the post payout and how much in % will that person get. 

For example if you set it at 20%, then that person will get 20% of the payout which will be paid in Steem Power.

You can unvote a post by clicking on the upvote button a second time. Steemit will pop up an alert asking you to confirm your vote. Busy.org will put up the slider bar allowing you to unvote or change the percentage of your previous vote.

It's worth being aware that:
* You do not get your voting power back for that vote, so your voting power (or, put more simply, one of your 10 daily votes) is wasted.
* Removing your vote also sacrifices any curation rewards your would receive on the post, even if you subsequently revote the post at a later time.
Ju can just Hit the Upvote Button again to remove your Voting on a Post. Do this in the 7-Day timeframe.