Is astronomy related to spirituality?
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You must mean astrology. Astrology is the idea that the movements of celestial bodies have a meaningful relation to what happens in people's lives. Astronomy is the scientific study of stars. Spirituality is essentially about mental states where someone experiences a hard to explain sense of union or unity with the rest of the universe. My guess is that the association of astrology and spirituality can be explained by the fact that any talk about space, the way space is talked about in astrology is conducive to feelings of smallness relative to the universe. From that perspective, it is easier to access the kind of less than usual egocentric states of mind that spirituality is about. Incidentally, popular astronomy has similar tendencies. You only have to watch Carl Sagan's Pale Blue Dot to begin to feel something like that.


I think you mean Astrology. What you read in the newspapers for a star sign. Astronomy is the scientific study of the stars.

For being related to spirituality, very grey area some will say yes and others no. The reason for this is personal to the belief of each. 

On spirituality I am assuming you are talking about being in tune with your inner-self. In today's society we are often removed from our self. We do things say things which if we were not employed we may not do or say those things, We behave a certain way because we were told to. By our peer's as we grew up or by an employer as we joined the workforce. The will of others dampening our own spirit. 

This is a very simplistic example of the spirit being held back. I say it as an example of why s many miss they have a spirit.

Spirituality does not claim to influence your future, It claims to enlighten you to living your life in the way your spirit desires. It connects the spirit to the mind. Religion has taken advantage of this same thing, Mind Body and Soul. United though  the Mind Heart and Soul yields the greatest rewards.

Now in Astrology, they claim to predict what a future holds for you, The is based on the movement of stars and planets. The big question I have for that is. How do they calculate for all the stars they do not know about, All the other stars that they do not mention, Do they not have any effect on a future. 

Astrology and Spirituality are two different things, One is finding the answers for yourself, The other is telling you what might happen, It says this to thousands of people and if it is right for just one. They hit a home run and made a new believer, 

Instead of reading your star sign, read all the others, They will all have something 92% will have something that fits to your life right now or a decision you might want to make.

When we look at the perplexing and strange world of quantum physics, it will be difficult for us to understand some of the things that scientists have observed for years

We choose to examine a phenomenon that we really cannot explain in a classical way, which has a core of quantum mechanics in it. In fact, this is full of mystery, "said Richard Feynman, a Nobel laureate from the twentieth century.

One thing that is certain is 'awareness', or, these factors related to consciousness (observation, measurement, thought, intention) have a direct correlation with what we consider to be the reality of our physical material world.

Max Plack, a physicist who examines quantum theory, regards consciousness as "fundamental," and matter is "a derivative of consciousness." He says that "we cannot put consciousness behind. Everything we talk about, everything we think is there, comes from consciousness. "

Eugene Wigner, a physicist and mathematician told the world that "it is not possible to formulate the law of quantum mechanics in a way that is fully consistent without reference to consciousness."

RC Henry, Professor of Physics and Astronomy at Johns Hopkins University said that:

"The fundamental conclusion of new physics recognizes that observers create reality. As observers, we are personally involved in creating our own reality. Physicists must recognize that the universe is a "mental" construction. One of the pioneering physicists Sir James Jeans wrote: "The flow of knowledge is heading towards non-mechanical reality; the universe began to look more like a big mind than a big machine. The mind no longer appears to be an intentional intruder into the realm of matter, we can think of it as the creator and regulator of the material realm. Exceed old thinking, and accept this undeniable conclusion. The universe is non matter, mental and spiritual "

Recently, Australian scientists have created experiments that prove that reality does not really exist until we measure it, observe it, or 'see it', at least on the scale of quantum mechanics.

An experiment conducted by Griffith University Center for Quantum Dynamic, led by Professor Howard Wiseman and a research team at the University of Tokyo, recently published a paper in the journal Nature Communications that confirms what Einstein did not believe to be reality: That is the collapse of the wave function particles instantly / non-locally. This is a quantum entanglement, which basically shows that space is only a construction that gives us the illusion of separation.

All of these findings in quantum physics have concluded that "consciousness creates reality." This means that factors related to consciousness, such as measurement, are closely related to our material world.

No, not directly. The related one is called astrology. The knowledge of predicting future using stars. Though some might say astronomy is parallel to spirituality but that isnt true. Stars, planets, constellationss are named after something spiritual like deities just because naming them this way makes them easy to be able to differentiate or recognize.. Other than that astronomy is not connected to spirituality.
If spirituality means paying homage to the name of a god then astronomy is connected to spirituality. All of the planets (except Earth) are named after Greek and Roman gods/goddesses.

Mercury - named after the Roman god of travel
Venus - named after the Roman goddess of love
Mars - named after the Roman god of war
Saturn - named after the Roman god of agriculture
Jupiter - named after the king of the Roman gods
Uranus - named after the king of the Greek gods
Neptune - named after the Roman god of the Sea
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