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Can someone always be a good person?
Good and bad both are characteristics of a person. According to me, a person can never be always a good person. They are 50 % good and 50 % bad and we can define someone based on the character they exhibit to us. Do you think someone can always be a good person?
Bad and good are just individual perspectives. I never see somebody as bad/good. For example, if somebody is rude to me, it's mainly not because they want to be, but probably something happened to him that made him bitter inside. Everybody wants to be good and do good, but few are - cuz shit happens.

So to answer your question - yes, if persons life is fulfilled 100% then they can be good person all the time(except woman, once a month, but there are exceptions). I know some of my friends who i never seen angry or sad and they never have snapped. They are pure love :) and i love them for it
Why not? It solely depends on an individual.

Have you ever heard about the theory of "Rational Choice"? it basically says that a person violates a law or norm when its more profitable breaking the law or norm than maintaining that law or norm.. Humans are called "Felicific calculators" because we choose everything by measuring with loss or gain.. Now if an individual respects rules and regulationss, right over wrong then he can easily avoid being a rational and become a good person.

The formula is simple.. follow rational choices untill they violate anything at all..If you are able to do so than you are and will always be as good as any human ever can possibllly be.
Of course everyone can be a good person.
This is the cause of the consequences of having a good personality such as the needs that every time we must run. Do not just when we want something new we show good attitude, but when not asked we will return to the usual attitude. Of course this will not work well, because basically a good personality can not be made up especially in engineering whenever we want.

Being a good person can begin by knowing ourselves, recognizing parts of ourselves, sometimes we live in controlled by our ego, anger and desire. The three things tersbeut very basic, if the three things tersbeut can be organized then mind will be always positive, if positive then life will be good. If we can recognize ourselves and arrange, then our character will be interesting and fun as well as strong to face all the conditions that arise. It is then that we can spread goodness to the whole universe.
Good and bad are our perceptions which may not be a reality. We judge a person according to our own interest, likes-dislike, traits, ideologies, moods, whims and prejudices. A person may be good but one may judge his/her according to what one has heard of him/her.
Nobody can behave in similar manner in every situation. One good person can be harsh sometimes or one can behave badly in a particular situation depending on one's mood, mental and physical condition and surroundings. After all we humans are slave of our own fate. Sometimes we are forced to behave in a bad way. Our circumstances and our capacity of fighting determines the level of our anxiety. So, one cannot behave in a similar manner in every situation. It depends whether other persons see one's behavior in a bad light or good light.
Honestly speaking no one in this world can be always good. Everyone has some bad habits and but due to the likeness of such persons we are unable to look after the bad habits. Everyone has done some mistakes. If any person has not done any mistake in world tell me i will give him award after testing.
From my own philosophy of life, every human is created good one only becomes bad after he or she has become corrupted.
Also by looking for the good side of person makes one to see good things in a person so therefore, to remain or to be a good a person in life, one has can write down the list of good attitudes in life and after each day the person ticks what he achieved for that day with time and carefulness one will remain good.