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What is your unique game when you were little?

When I was very little I am used to watching action movies that involved the use of swords to fight. I do find this type of movies interesting back then and this led me to play action games that involve the use of swords.

The title of the game I loved playing when I was little is a popular game known as "Tenchu". The graphics of this game made it more attractive to me such that I feel like I am actually the one fighting for real. The story line was just too fabulous and I will never forget this game because it is one of my best game i can't do without back then.

I was too addicted to playing Tenchu when I was very little in such a way that if you had visited me at home then, you will always meet me playing that same game. My parents were even forced to ban me from playing the game because I wasn't able to do house chores and it also affected my academics back then but still I never stopped playing the game. I will always play the game when my parents aren't around and when I noticed them coming, I will stop the game and pretend to be reading just to make them think I wasn't playing any game😊.

In conclusion, Tenchu was my best game when I was very little and it is also one of the games I love playing at this stage. I will have to stop here for now because I already feel like playing the game again after answering your question πŸ˜€πŸ˜€.

Thanks for reading and I hope this helps.