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Do you ever fear that the world is becoming because of technology?

The purpose of technology, before anything else, is to make life easier for mankind. This has been the goal of almost every technological advancement and discovery. But when you think about it, there are a few things that came with technology that aren't really good for us as a people. I'll start with the basic ones and move into the more industrial problems

First on this list has to be social media: when the social media apps were first thought of, I'm sure their creators intended for them to be a way to connect people and it has for the most part. But then again, no one wants the world to see the ugly parts of them so they make it seem like they have a perfect life. But elsewhere in the world, people look at that and believe it and then feel like their lives aren't good enough. This has to be the major cause of the quarter life crisis that most youths face nowadays.

Second on the list has to be the disconnecting effect. Basically speaking, people nowadays are always glued to a screen. Infact for the past hour or so I've been glued to my phobe, answering questions on musing. The entire purpose of the internet was to connect people around the world. And for the better part, it has. But it's mostly at the expense of the relationship we have with the people around us. I'm a twenty year old and i spend my days in my room browsing and basically just playing games online but I barely ever go out and stay with friends anymore. Infact when my friends come over, I kind of get annoyed because I'd much rather chat with them. The same applies to most people. We can be in one part of the country having a conversation with someone in another part of the country but we forgot the people that are right there next to us.

Humans are meant to be a social specie but technology is making it such that we are social in all the wrong ways and I hope we can recover one day.

Then to top it all, we have the issue of global warming which is a product of our technological advancements. Everyday it gets worse and some people even believe that it doesn't exist. Meanwhile we're tearing our only planet apart with no remorse. When I think about these things I honestly wonder whether we would be better off without it but I fear that it will only get worse. We will only get worse

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 If necessary, further proof of the evolution: the appearance of a new organ in the human being. But  it is not a genetic mutation, we do not know if it is transmissible,  and we still do not know if this apparition will be beneficial or not  for the species (if it is not the case, it will be a fire of straw ).

The smartphone, this pocket terminal.

Like all inventions, this technological jewel that owes everything to the conquest of space, is in itself neither good nor bad. It  makes everyday life easier, but we track it minute by minute, it can  save lives, but it allows mobsters in general - and drug dealers in  particular - who are careful not to pick up easily recognizable mobs,  and throw them away after employment, to make their guilty industry prosper (*).

It is an example among thousands of technological inventions that our century is fond of.

I therefore agree with the other answers: it is the human beings who are scary, not the technology itself. 


Science has constantly utilized productive doubt to enhance and now and again to a really demonstrate a hypothesis. Innovation is the stupendous case of what science has accomplished. The dread is normal, for the most part it originates from the un-educated or the un-taught that have kept running from the whorl-winds of innovation.

This is certainly not another thing for people. At the point when the printing press initially showed up it was met with a colossal dismissal of it's utilization, esteem and even it's profound quality. A book was in numerous eyes a shocking result of another innovation that rose due to the requirement for researchers to record, consequently share and turn into a living history. Today, no human can live without purchasing, owning, utilizing and the keeping of books. Homes, schools, libraries, organizations, governments live beyond words the Book. Would you be able to envision not having books.

Today the world is breathing innovation as it characterizes how we live and survive. I don't think the normal individual acknowledges exactly how huge simply the correspondences framework has progressed toward becoming. Also other interlaced frameworks like; shipping, parkways, railways, air courses, TV, radio: am-fm-shortwave-and so on., microwave-joins, cell, electrical power network, satellites and the notorious INTERNET in addition to it's required information stockpiling. The rundown continues endlessly.

Would you be able to envision what number of electro-attractive transmissions (EM waves), with simply the wifi and cellphones are happening all around everybody all over the place. I have made a harsh gauge of 10,000 flags passing through my body each minute. (I'm not proposing that these mischief us) but rather the greatness is amazing a direct result of the a huge number of gadgets inside 5 miles of my body. I'm genuinely certain if I somehow managed to remain with Alexander Bell in his lab and I let him know of this future reality he would presumably take a stick and beat my head in, just on the wildness of my words.



Technology is good and bad. It is great that it is moving forward but look what the cell phone has done. it made out life easier but it also sent a generation backwards who struggle to communicate face to face.

I know that their are going to be smart cars coming that drive you everywhere ,but I happen to enjoy driving and don't fancy a computer driving for me. There are certain tasks I have  a computer/robot doing but we are talking taking away jobs from others and I think that is very wrong.

The world will be a poorer place because of this if we are not careful. It will be a fine balance from having too much technology in the wrong areas. 


I'm more saddened than afraid. 

I notice the disconnect from nature and social interactions as a result of technology, in others, and even myself at times.. It get's worse the more advanced we become. I feel technology is a double edged sword.