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Can election promises be trusted?

I would not directly say you should trust promises made during or before election, neither will I say you should wholeheartedly trust the promises and give in to them. You might just end up being disappointed. But, let me give you some instances.

If you are in a position to inspire people to support you and all you have to do is to make them understand or feel that they will enjoy you if they appoint/select you. what would you do?

Chances are, you would do anything and everything possible to win their hearts, even if you do not understand how you will accomplish those tales/promises, your idea is to make them believe you will do it, hence, supporting you. There is every likelihood that when you are finally appointed, you already forget a lot of things you told them you would do, or perhaps, you are restrained from doing certain things as some may be beyond your power or capacity.

The truth is that, we are blinded by greed. It is just human nature. Many times, I will promise to give my younger sibling a certain amount of money but then, when the time comes, I have often found myself chicken out not because I do not want to do it but mostly because I am scared that I may be giving perhaps my all. I also think about what I could do with the leftover if I decide to give half.


To this day I have not believed in political promises at the time of the election, they made promises with the aim of increasing their voices, but the realization so far has been zero.

Especially now that elections are very rife with the use of money in buying votes, so that those who will be elected will one day collect the capital they have spent to cover their losses during the campaign. So that the focus is on election promises and for the people to be number two or so number.

Especially behind them there are many people who have supported them and succeeded them in the election, when elected they have to repay the services of those who have supported them. Not to mention when elected later they are busy with the struggle for influence and power to strengthen its position. Political lobbies to support and strengthen his position and the position of his party will be very energy intensive.

Moreover, the party that carries it puts more pressure on a decision that conflicts with his conscience. This will drain the energy and mind so that the focus on the people who choose it and the people will be greatly reduced.

They will approach voters again when the election will come again with political promises again so that they will be elected again.

And so on the cycle that will occur.


Not really. It depends on what country we are talking about, of course but unfortunately I don't think you can trust trust them 100%

Plans and promises are made during the campaign, then it comes the time to act. New parties can promise anything, they haven't been in power to be able to demonstrate they are capable of practicing what they preach. Others who had the opportunity to rule, can show results or not. 

The truth is, the political situation is changing by the minute, they have to adapt and sometimes promises can't be kept, no matter what they do. And there's always the case when promises are made  just to get votes, then the only thing that counts is their well being. 

I'm not a spring chicken any more, I've seen a lot in my life when it comes to politics, so I believe it when I see it. You should always have doubts till you're proven wrong. Let them prove first, then believe. 


You should be highly sceptical of any election promises. In the real world and a democratic system in particular, the ability of a politician to fulfill promises is rather limited. Rather than listen to what a politician says, it's better to look at their track record, in my opinion. Look at how they have voted and what kind of proposals have they put forward in the past. Their past actions are a better guide as to what they are likely to do in the future than their promises.


Honestly, I am not a fan of politics, although it affects almost every aspect of our lives because these politicians--those in power create and implement policies that guide every nation. And if these policies are not put in place or are not aligned with the realities of a nation, this will affect the growth and development of a country.

Election/campaign promises are like snippets into the polices the prospective government is going to make. Now when it comes to election promises I am skeptical because hardly do politicians keep their promises. One reason is that most do not have the political will to make this happen. Secondly, their expectation/promises and reality are usually mismatched. However, if a government can make good their promises, even just half of it, it will go a long way in engendering the confidence of the people.

My opinion is this: as a politician, do not make so many promises. If need be, make one. One you can account for. That way you can gain the trust of the people you want to lead.


There is never a perfect politician at all who can fulfill everything they promised during the elections. Even the most sincere politician cannot do whatever they promised. It's because politics is a broken system.

Promises are always made during elections to entice people to vote for them. But one thing people doesn't realized is they have seen a lot of administrations but mostly failed with their promises. But can we blame the people? At some point, yes. Many voters were paid to vote certain politicians. Can we also blame politicians? Yes! Some politician in some places will kill you if you did not vote for them. Yes it happens, sadly. Another thing is we can't see new people running for certain positions. Hence, a lot of them cannot be trysted with their promises.


Election promises are not to be be trusted because most politicians in this generation now have a cunning lifestyle that we the masses do not have to be believe them. We just listen to the promises politician give us and expect the promises with probability. Politicians are meant to have a God-fearing attribute in them. Atleast with that, the masses even though we don't trust what we are being promised, we can atleast be rest assured that better days are coming with a good leader.

In my state and even my country, we do not believe in politicians promises, we just vote the person whom we think is the best to fit in a particular position. Because most politicians do not finally accomplish the agenda they told us they would accomplish when they had been aspiring for a position at first.

If a politician is not God-fearing ,then there is no point considering his/her promises before assuming office. God knows best, so I think whom ever assumes a particular office is the one whom God has ordained to take a particular position


Election promises should not be trusted, especially in the times today where politics is corrupted and being made by some as their professions. When they considered politics as their profession, politicians do everything to stay in power, utilizing all the government's funds for their personal use. 

Now to win the hearts of the voters, Politicians tend to add sugary coats to their words. They promise to do impossible things just for them to be elected in office. Some promised to end corruption, some promised to end drugs in 3 to 6 months, and so on. Even others promised to pick the stars just for a sure seat in the government.

But who are to be blamed once politicians do not carry out their promises? 

Do we blame them? Of course not.

If someone is to be blamed, it should be us, voters. If we only look at their track records as a qualification for them to be elected in office, then we would be in a happy place. politicians will not make false promises if no one is very foolish enough to believe. 

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People can easily make promises just to win the heart of the people. Sometimes those promises could be from a genuine heart with all sincerity but when one gets into office, he realize it wasn't as easy as he thought to accomplish those promises.

This reason makes election promises not to be trusted, because what one assume before he get into office doesn't always happen to be so when he finally is face with the realities in the office.

Again, it has become a custom that politicians choose to use sweet quoted words to win people into electing them in an office. They believe one have to make promises just to draw men onto themselves. This again makes promises for election not to be trusted.

People are carried away by what they hear and see, so it become a tool for politicians to use just exactly that tool to their advantages . Greed also is another reason why election promises can't be trusted, the human mind wants all to itself and this is how most politicians feel when the are in office, they forget the promises and allow greed leads


We have no option left behind to trust election promises. During election campaign political party do a lot of in relistic promises which can't be fufilled. But still for the hope of good people trust in these pomises. It's all because people always want fresh air and positive change and political leader exploit people by seeing them green garden. So, in my little sense it should be trusted as humans need hope all the time. However if the person don't deliver any thing whatever he promised shouldn't be given chance for the next time