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How great writing begins?

Great writing comes with great imagination and practice. 

It also linked with tons of trash writing.

Without the heart of imagination no one could be a good writer, from my opinion. But only this could not help one. Because you have to learn how to express your imagination in to words. 

So it also needs practice of writing and consistency of writing. A good writer would be a bad one if he stop writing or do not write regularly. 

Writing regularly can help to chose the perfect word for any expression or to explain something. It will also enrich the usage of certain example in our writing.

Other thing is continuous learning. If we do not learn and develop ourselves we could not be a great writer. Read others writing, read great novels, learn to develop yourself. And the final output would be great. It will make your writing more smooth and ornamental and beautiful.

We need to be patience to become a good writer. It can not possible to be a great one over nigh. But if you give time to it and work hard on it. You will surely get the success and become a good writer.


1. Great writings begin with your passion and interest.

We will certainly not write better than what we'll be interested to learn about. Our passion for a subject is what surges and motivates us to go research and learn about it. Indeed, when our passion is lit, our imaginations will be glued to subjects and mental pictures will be created.

2. Great writings begin with your experience.

Beyond passion and interest, our experiences is what makes a great write. Writing on subjects that we've gain experiences will make the lines flow as rhymes. It will make great sense sharing your personal stories of the challenges and how you overcame, successes and fears.

3 Great writings begin with your concentration

In everything we do, when our attention is concentrated, the outcomes will be maximized. 


Great writing begins with a whole lot of crappy writing as well countless hours of practice, planning and research.

There are very few authors who never wrote a thing in their goddamn life and then went on to publish a world best selling masterpiece.

Most authors like to downplay the creative process. 

Or rather, to smooth it out, romanticize it.

You may have heard that recently, Mrs. Rowling, the first, and only billionaire writer.

Have commented on some of her failure projects. 

She say that for years she was planning for Nagini snake to turn out to be an Asian women.

Right, I bet that in that inspirational story where she suddenly got the idea for her hit book series and wrote it down on a napkin, it was "boy in a magic school", "Dumbledore is gay", and "Nagini is an Asian lady". And then never mention it for the first 20 years.

On the other hand writers like Mr. King often said that to be a writer you need to write and read for hours daily.

And while it is more accurate representation of the process, it is still too optimistic.

What you need to do it write down all the ideas you have, think about them, expand on them. 

Do research on topics that those ideas would be expanding upon.

You will quickly find out, that either everything was already done, or it cannot be done for you lack the ability to shape it with competent storytelling. 

I could tell you.

I have ideas for 4 books I am sitting on, and I will probably never write any of them.

Because I lack the discipline.

Those ideas deserve a better writer than someone who is not willing to sacrifice 20 years to get to the point when they can take them on.


It begins with constant writing. When you write constantly, you improve from your last mistake and do better.

Publishing your writings on online websites like Medium, Steemit let the world know you. They can also give reviews on how good your writing and how to improve on it.


Great writings begins from writing little ideas on your mind down or imaginations and building on those ideas. Every awesome book or story you've read started from just a little thoughts or observation that was written down and built upon by subsequent imaginations and writings.

A writer most always have his/her writing materials with him/her because you can't tell when that interesting idea is going to flash through your mind. Writing our ideas and building on them leads to a great work