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Teaching kids is a hard thing to do. It needs lots of passions and hard works. But as we have no options rather teach good manners and behaviour for their own future we have to do that patiently. It may take time and energy but we will get to see positive sides when they grow old.  

We all need our kid to be good mannered, briliant on certain things and be an example to others. So to do that we need to learn a lot. As a mother of a toddler I also am going through this learning stage. From my opinion, there are some certain things we could follow to teach our kids. 

1. The first thing is GOOD ADVICE: Kids need continuous advice and monitoring. Otherwise they would not learn what is right and what is wrong. How the wrong doing will affect them. Try to teach them and told them continuously about it and advice them to follow it. Try to be elaborate or give example to them. They will learn very fast in these way.

2. Encouragement: Try to encourage their good manners. Always appreciate their good behaviour. They like appriceation, so this will help them to follow good behaviour in future.

3. Don't get rude: It's our kid, they may do thousand of mistakes which could made us angry. But don't punish the kids for doing such things. Be patient and teach them how harmful it is doing the certain thing that way. They will learn it. May be it needs time but don't be rude to them.

4. Don't force: Some kids don't like to read, write, draw or involvement in certain things. Some are much involved in game and sports rather in educational activities. Try to make them involve in it slowly. Forcing would not give you the result. 

5. Be a role model: Kids are naturally start to copy their parents and peers. So try to be a role model, how you want your kids to be. It is the best thing from my opinion. Only teaching and tlking, advicing will not help them. They will do what they are seeing us to do. 

Be patient in front of kids. We may some times become anxious to their activities. But don't let them know that. Be loving and advice the how to be  good kid. Set example, give them incentives if they are doing well and try to be close to them. ry to life a healthy family life. It will give them positive mind. Try to connect with the society more often. Kids will love tthat to be in a good social environment and will adopt the good things from them.

Try to understand the kids and they will help you to teach them what ever you want them to teach.


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There is a book called "How to talk so that kids would listen?" . I think that's a good book to look at for parenting guides. 

Well, I guess, the best thing to do first is to discipline them, it is not wise to let them just do what they would do in their life. There should be at least some discipline for the kids to follow so that this will become the framework for their future success. I have been a teacher for the last seven years teaching kids as young as five to adults as old as 25. Well, the technique to teach these ages are relatively different. 

1. Toddlers - Children

For kids below 12, usually, they need lots of guide and always look at parents to give good examples and the way things should be done. Parents at this point of time should pay more attention to their kids and not ignore them as this is a critical period of time for them to grow and their young minds are still sponges. They are pretty naive at this stage of time and are not capable of many more higher order thinking related skills yet. 

So at this point, parents should be encouraged to support their kids learning ability and make sure that a lot of learning should be given. The thing many parents do at this point of time, give their kids their own free will to play with their iphone or electrical gadgets. This saves time for parents to take care of their kids but isn't good for their child's development. 

2. Teenagers

 Just reaching puberty, these are the rebels. There is an important balance that parents need to do at this point of time. They are still searching for their own identity. Parents have to be mentors rather than dictators to kids of this age. They need someone to listen to them. The parents at this point of their life should be a hybrid of a guidance and also a mentor at the same time. It's not wise to scold kids and rather try to be a dictator. It's gonna back fire. Kids are gonna get really angry and rebel and they would not like to be shamed at all. Anything that threatens their identity is gonna make them really rebellious. Once they rebel, then they would be lost into their own world and it's hard to get them back. 


 First of all, I want to say that. The first main point is you teach your kid with "LOVE" and care. If you treat your kids with than they surely obey your all rules, that you made for kids for teaching.

The second part is "Polite Behaviour" A well mannered polite behavior is attracting to a child because all kids are so innocent and they want just your life and care. we should try to give hin politeness and much love as you can.

The third thing is "Well Encouragement" If you treat your kids be patiently and more politely then they will motivate. And, if you appreciate their work and good things. Then they have developed more confidence. If you boost their inner confidence then they will enhance the inner power and try to succeed in all work. Motivation is most important for a kid because if you want to see your kid high on every way of life.

And, the fourth thing is "Give Good Avice" If you give your child the best advice they surely follow all your advice and never do wrong things, Motivation, and good advice is important in their child life.

Always try to treat your kids with love because love is the only one, they can develop in child confidentially. ❤ 


1-Give them the example.

2- Repeat things many times with patience and love.

3-Award them when they do things well, a compliment, a hug or something that makes the child feel good.

4- Encourage him not to give up if he fails in something new. You have to keep trying with your help.


Kids here are still children below the age of 7. They need guidance. The best way to teach them things is via mnemonics.

Songs stick to the memory especially that of kids. Create a mnemonic with the things you want to teach them and see them remember that thing tomorrow and forever.

The next one is incentivising them. You can tell the kid that, I will buy you the latest bicycle if you complete this action. You will see the kid strive hard to complete the action in record time.


Keep their curiosity awake, encourage them to explore topics they are interested in!


Make a positive domain:

First figure out how to teach the child what a decent behaviour is, This is finished by always making the child see, hear, feel and comprehend about the great conduct surrounding it..

Make the house where the kid is living and growing, a favored home loaded up with all the great feelings.., bliss, grins, temperances and great qualities..

Influence everybody at home to develop in joy.. Require some investment regular for this unavoidable assignment and obligation..

Work on minding and sharing at home with the goal that the kid takes in these qualities by observing..

Grins and giggling assumes an imperative job in making our life significant.. Make propensities for grinning to one another and enjoy chuckling an every day schedule..

Always remember to supplicate together.. All individuals from the family ought to sit together and appeal to God for something like ten minutes per day.. Petition is an otherworldly procedure to rinse our psyche.. It works ponders..

Consistently, every one of the individuals from the family set aside opportunity to sit together and enjoy a gab.. Spend in any event thirty minutes for this errand that soaks up family esteems in your youngster..

Continuously guarantee that your home has: tranquility, tidiness, tidiness, love and regard, and loaded with grins..

Continuously have somewhere around one feast together with all the relatives.. Guarantee to pursue this regular..

Keep in mind.. a happy child is a great asset..