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Do you think musing.io puts more emphasis on word count in place of answer quality?

Funny enough I don't

Some of my best rewards have come from the shorter answers. These have usually been humourous in nature so I am believe I am being rewarded for making the curators laugh.

Perhaps bonus points if I can make milk or coke shoot out their nose. Or perhaps not if they have to clean it up.

Some VERY long very detailed answers I have given have received no votes at all. Even though I believed they were dead on and as perfect an answer as I could craft. I don't think word count has anything to do with it.

In fact I am inclined to believe the shorter, more concise a post is the better the possibility of receiving an upvote. These people have HUNDREDS of answers to look at each round, it must get tiring to read novels each time. If an answer is short, but is a quality answer, I believe that will get the vote and allow them to move on to the next batch of answers.

As musing grows and evolves it will be interesting to see what happens. Far too many answers and not enough people or people burning out is one of my major concerns for the staff here.


I do NOT think so. Before I answer the question please take a look at these answers upvoted by musing:




These are relatively short answers that got generous upvotes. I have seen longer answers that never even got an upvote. But I can also understand why it might look like that only the longer answers are getting the higher upvotes and perhaps this is what you mean by 'emphasis'.

I would like to point out that it is not the longer answers that are getting the highest upvotes but rather the answers about which the musing curators feel that they were most relevant. In some cases longer answers also indicate that it is full of details and was produced using hard work. It goes without saying that even some of the long answers do not fulfill the criteria of a good answer as well.

Here is what musing has to say about good answers:

  • What makes a good quality answer
    • Good quality answers grab the attention of the reader without being spammy or click-baity
    • Answer the question that has been asked. Refrain from going off on a tangent unless it provides clarity or an example supporting the answer. 
    • Provide insight and support to opinion based questions 
    • Formatting should be neat and help guide the reader through the answer
    • Quality answers do not have a minimum length, but providing insight and elaboration to a “yes/no” answer can be much more helpful.
    • Be original!

SOURCE: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1WKYGhdPhLKNHytsxAPPQiXyv5UBY6nUKM8IhG5PUgfA/edit


No. Musing.io has been clear from the very beginning that their upvotes are always based on the quality of questions and answers given, and nothing else. That is explicitly stated in their Curation Guidelines. 

A quality answer will always trump a long answer. With that being said, if there are two answers that are both of quality, but one is longer and more detailed, then it is possible for the longer and more detailed answer to get a higher upvote. Why? Because the longer answer might be more in-depth, it might be more informative, and it might feature additional examples. 

It's important to understand that all these factors--depth, completeness, and the level of details, add to the quality of the answer. Sure, they also add to the word count, but that's just a consequence of the quality answer. It wasn't a quality answer because it was long. Being long was just an add-on. That's assuming, however, that the long answer was not rambling and  stuffing words to be longer. Because if that were the case, then the longer answer is just fluff, and that's not quality. 

So, does word count matter more than quality? Definitely not. Quality will always trump everything else. That said, if you think you can improve an answer by making it longer, then don't hesitate to make it longer. And if you think you're rambling, then edit and make your answer shorter. After all, your goal shouldn't be whether to give a long or short answer, it's to give the best one.


Musing.io Curation Guidelines. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1WKYGhdPhLKNHytsxAPPQiXyv5UBY6nUKM8IhG5PUgfA/edit



Many people ask the same question and I always have the same opinion, don't see the reward according to the length of the answer, do it for the quality of the answer. 

 I have read many long answers to questions that actually have a lot of stuffed content, don't answer what the person asks but confuse the readers, and despite being long, it has no reward. 

 As I have also read other short ones that have had many votes since the information given is accurate and with a very good wording. Of course if you give a short answer and the answer is not convincing or has good writing you will not get any reward. 

 I personally characterize myself by giving long answers, not by fulfilling a pattern, on the contrary, I do it because I like to explain myself in detail, I like to develop my ideas and translate them into written answers and that has given me fruit.  

I'll give you a tip:  try that the answers are always original, that the ideas come from you, read the question and answer what inspires you, regardless of whether it is long or short, just concentrate on what you want to say is well written and complete  , and of course give your touch to the answer... that at least worked for me.

 (Of course, I personally speak a lot hahaha, I guess that's why my answers are very long, I always have things to say)  hahahaha 



No. For sure no. 

I've answered short but intact response and I receive good reward. I also made a long comment but received small percentage of reward.

For me, the reality is Musing.io focuses on the "quality" of answers rather than the "quantity" of words being put. Anybody can just beat around the bush if they wish to but Musing's focus is to provide a Question and answer platform focused on providing solutions to questions. No matter how short it is as long as concise, Musing will surely reward you.


I think musing.io emphasizes word count than the answer quality. I've seen people here write long responses that doesn't even answer the given question having higher votes while those whose answers are straight to the point and tacled the reference question having very little vote or no vote at all.

Just start browsing answers in musing, you would see a clear proof of what I'm talking about. The word count is more important to musing than the answer quality. That's why everyone is writing a very long responses on questions that requires direct short answers


Not at all - I never write super long answers, and I often get generous upvotes from Musing. I actuall think that longer answers dont always add more value - as they are often just more words for the sake of it, and could be said alot more concisely.

There is more of a skill to be able to make a point with very few words, than going on and on - and the longer posts often lose my interest (or I dont read them at all!). I sometimes feel sorry for the curators having to read through some of the posts that are very long!


Absolutely not. They have it in their terms that it is based on quality. I have had very long answers that got no vote and I have had many short answers that got votes. It is just part of the manual curation process. You just keep moving on or maybe more like "musing on" . 



Somehow yes. I don't think that the biggest upvotes are always given to the longest replies, but I noticed that the people who gave well written and pretty long answers have almost always received big upvotes. I got some good upvotes even for pretty short answers, but my best upvoted ones were the longest. Generally I think that long comments are the most rewarded, but it's also very important what your comments contains. I had today a reply to one of my threads from a user a very long reply that was actually a piece of text copied from a blog so not always long=quality. 


No. I haven't noticed that at all.

If you answer the question very well it doesn't matter if it is a few sentences or a long post like answer. Sometimes more is less and takes away from the quality of the answer.

The curators are not stupid people and know what they are doing and look for quality. If you write a quality answer the chances of getting a decent vote are higher than a few words.

I would hate to have to read some of the answers as they are long worded and take time. Class will always rise to the top.


Absolutely not. Musing upvotes based on quality, and quality alone. If something can be answered efficiently, while keeping it brief and accurate, musing will reward just as well as a lengthy comment that takes forever to get to the point.