Is Theresa May really a bad prime minister?
Everyone's saying on Twitter that they'd make better prime ministers than Theresa May, current Prime Minister of the UK, due to some of the bad decisions they feel she's made since her inauguration. How do you feel about it?

I think that she has taken on an almost impossible role.

Theresa May was elected to office after David Cameron's resignation following the Brexit referendum. 

Cameron expected to win the referendum and for the UK to remain in the EU. When the vote went against him he immediately resigned and left whoever followed to pick up the pieces.

No planning was done for Brexit since the government did not expect it to happen. The referendum also gave no clarity on what kind of Brexit was expected. The questions of whether we should stay in the single market and customs union, join EFTA, or have a third-country relationship with a free trade deal were all uncertain. 

Theresa May was also left with a deeply divided Conservative party to manage as well as a deeply divided country (the referendum result was 51% v 49%). 

But the worst problem is that she is surrounded by political opportunists who have left her to do the almost impossible task of negotiating with the EU, when the EU holds all the cards, and now that this work is over have immediately stepped in to stab her in the back proclaiming how much of a better job they would have done themselves, even though none of them have provided any useful ideas throughout the process.

I'm not a fan of Theresa May, or her policies or politics. However almost all of what you are seeing on Twitter today is just politicians being politicians. Posturing and  pushing and playing the game of thrones. Many of them would be happy to leave the country with the utter chaos of a No Deal Brexit if it meant moving power their way.

It's all pretty sickening. 


I think the British monarchial system of government its a no show and for me Theresa May has been under pressure as a result of this British brexit issue that's definitely making the round in England and the (EU) as well.

As of late the parliament has been divided under this issue and most of them are voting or showing a vote of no confidence on the prime minister Theresa May and the system of government that shows no confidence in her prime minister will show no political capability and assurances let alone promises and solutions.

she's made decisions that have been questionable that I will definitely admit but the decentralization of governance in england makes it very difficult for people to understand the pressure that she may be facing let alone make a better prime minister than her she inherited this brexit issue and it's been weighing hard down since inauguration she's been facing plots as well on how she will be impeached and replaced by someone else and all this are coming from members from the parliament.

currently I think the governance is in chaos and it will take a lot more than theresa may to resolve this issues they are procedures check and balances sometimes this decision she's making and not of her making she will have a lot of people to consult before taking decisions and this be firing back on her administration as a prime minister.

Nevertheless I definitely think she's not as bad she has just had bad people around her she has been making the wrong calls but this definitely doesn't mean she's wrong for the job England is looking for a messiah out of their mess and politicall problems and she's only in the spotlight and taking the heat of the mistakes and problems of the people in the upper and lower houses I definitely think she'll come good but for now they have to support her


Theresa May owes her mandate only to a heterogeneous majority in the Commons, with irreducibly opposed components on the Brexit, at the mercy of an internal political crisis. It is in the minority in the Lords, which is legally accessory but politically destabilizing.

From 2016 she chose not to take an option on future EU-UK relations. She constantly rejected this choice, saying "Yes" to almost everyone. In particular, there must be a border somewhere between the Republic and Northern Ireland (She assured that no, the famous "Backstop") or between Great Britain and Northern Ireland ( Casus Belli for a substantial part of his majority).

Today the discussions (there is nothing to negotiate, just rules to respect) are deadlocked because it would like to continue to benefit from access to the continental market without having the constraints. And now she blames the Europeans for not being flexible. As if it was the EU that initiated these discussions! It was the British who decided to leave the EU, not the other way around!

This woman lacks political vision, charisma, courage, lucidity, holds a double language and has a suicidal communication.

As for those who would like, in the UK, to come back to Brexit, they are insulting the British people, who decided on June 23, 2016.


The person most responsible for the current chaos in the UK is David Cameron. Theresa May volunteered to clean up the mess and execute a policy she campaigned against. But she made a number of unforced errors:

- She activated Article 50 before she had a plan for implementing Brexit. Of course, the EU 27 weren't going to negotiate before starting the clock, but she could have worked out a detailed, realistic plan and researched which options were likely to be accepted.

- Like most British politicians, May assumed that the EU needed the UK as much as the UK needed the EU. Eventually, the German car exporters would pressure Merkel to give the UK free trade without freedom of movement for people. And who cares about Ireland? This strategy had already failed when Cameron demanded concessions before the referendum.

- She called an election for cynical political reasons. Remember the headline in The Daily Mail: "CRUSH THE SABOTEURS". That's not how it turned out. She lost her majority and came to depend on the Democratic Unionist Party.

All in all, even in these challenging circumstances a Prime Minister like Churchill or Thatcher could have done a better job.


I actually feel sorry for Theresa May, she has to try and sort out a massive mess that David Cameron has put the country into and she is trying her best to sort it out.

Everybody is talking about brexit but it has gone on to far now, she can't run a country while trying to sort out a deal as big as this.

What these people on twitter don't realise is that everything has to be voted on when it comes to change. at the moment nothing can be voted on because the country is in stand still because of the brexit deal been put in place.

Treaser May hasn't had much time to put anything in place and Cameran knew this when he stepped down. he did this because he knew that who ever was in power at the time would pay the price of making the deal.

Would you really want to run this country after the mess that Cameran had made while in power?

I think with the time she has had she is doing what she can and she has stepped up.

I am however a Labour man and this will never change, Conservatives been in power to me is never a good thing as the rich get richer and the poorer get poorer.

I am hoping that in the next election that Labour comes in and makes a change that will help the country get back on its feet again. I feel like more jobs should be made and more housing for the poor.

I hope she makes the right choices but I also hope that people understand that it isn't her fault that we are in this situation and David Cameron has put us her, we should be slating him and not her.