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Would you consider America a melting pot or a salad bowl?
It is a popular saying that due to the remarkably diverse ethnic make up the US t is a "melting pot" where everything comes together to form a new WHOLE. Some have argued, however, that this implies a loss of individual identity and it should rather be termed a "salad bowl" where everything comes together but still retains their individual identity. Which is your opinion?

I personally go for "Salad Bowl" because if we take into account that in America there are hundreds of people from different countries and that even though they are all part of the great American culture no one or at least most forget their roots. And is that without going too far a living example of it is the gastronomy a very powerful cultural branch that is constantly expressed by every subgroup that lives in America in the best and most powerful way they can find.

However if we see it all in a maximized way we will realize that this is precisely america, a great mixture of cultures that make life in a vast territory where each has different customs and attitudes but generally no one tramples or belittles the other.


I don't really see a problem with either descriptor. The only way someone can lose their individual identity is if they choose to lose it. 

So either one works in my opinion. 

But with Trump in power over your way, I'm worried that your ethnic diversity will only be reduced. He's not such a kind chap to people of other nationalities now is he? 

It's such a shame. America used to be such a great country with so much to offer. Now all we hear about is the negative things about your country and more often than not we see the violence going on in your nation rather than the positive things that we once used to see.

I hope that you can move back towards your melting pot or salad bowl in a positive way one day. And hopefully we see the big orange man in a suit leave the office permanently and never hear from that beast of a man ever again.


yes america as a melting pot, but it doesn't work as the leader said.


a melting pot cheese soup poured over tortilla chips salad... 

Nachos !! it is nachos...