Which art form is your most preferred medium of expression?

There are so many mediums that we could use. Painting,drawing,photography ,singing and I am not really that great at any of them to be fairly honest.

I have an interest in photography and have taken a few photographs but haven't immersed myself totally. I don't have the funds required to buy all the equipment.

Obviously i have been writing quite a bit and is another art form putting things into words. I am learning all the time and one day may have some promise. I tend to relax when i am at the keyboard and find it easy to put my thoughts down.

I think I am still finding what my preferred medium is as I have jumped from project to project and writing is up there with the others. One day I will know what makes me tick and immerse myself fully into whatever medium that is.


I used to make jewelry and sell it but don't do that any more. That was a good period in my life but somehow I don't feel like continuing. 

Photography is my passion, I'm learning day by day and Steemit gave me the opportunity to publish and monetize my photographs and learn from  professionals. I think photography will always be part of my life, I never go out without my camera, I'm always ready to shoot some good photos. Memories can fade, we tend to forget things, photographs on the other hand can help you not forget the past. 

Lately I started drawing, which was my dream for a long time but have never believed I could do it. Thanks to Steemit, I made the first steps this summer and now i know with hard work and a lot of practice everything is possible. I'd love painting as well bit I don't think it's for me. I'm more drawn to drawing, I think that suits me more.  


Interesting question!

It's hard for me to prefer one over the other, because I enjoy many different mediums of expression.

My most prevalent are music and words. So I "prefer" them in this sense, but I also love different forms of expression, and not just expressing them myself, but also experiencing other peoples forms of expression!