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Do you believe that life imitates art or it's solely the other way round?
Most people believe that life imitates art. And rightfully so--but only to aan extent because art also imitates life. Do you believe they are mutually exclusive? Or both are right? Or none is?

I don't believe that life imitates art, as a matter of opinion from an objective point of view I do believe that life existed before the conceptualization of art and as a result of this I think art in the other way round imitates the life of people, tribe, race, opinion, cultural belief, and norms of people's way of life.

For example literature is an art and in a sub genre of literature know as Drama, Drama is being defined as a kind of art that mirrors and caricatures reality, the way of life of people and even helps humanity to understand the flaws their strength and possibly life's meaning and as a result of this people are learning lessons concerning them as a result of the fact that a drama can mirror reality but in the other way round life seldom imitates art.

For example if we look at some brilliant art work like the neolithic man and the painting of the Monalisa you will only start reminiscing about how the sustenance of art has been able to replicate the existence of a one time extincting artifact which existed a very long time ago.

Without the providence of life, art won't be existent in the first place because art revolves around the human concept and taking it away Matt mean the demise of art, so in my opinion art revolves around life and not the other way round.