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How does YouTubers monetize their contents?

As we all know that YouTube is a video sharing website where you upload videos and share with the world. However what began then as a platform for sharing videos has now become serious business for some people. This individuals create quality contents and monetize it on YouTube.

How Do You Monetize Your YouTube Videos?

Once you've create your YouTube channel and you have started to upload videos on it. It is important to realize that your channel will start making money once it is successful. Basically, most YouTube channel makes money by far through YouTube AdSence.

YouTube AdSence is YouTube advertising program for contents provider. The methods below will help you monetize your YouTube channel.

Build Up Your Audience

Like a website or a blog so is a YouTube channel. It takes time to start making money on your YouTube channel.

Before you can start making money on your YouTube channel, you have to create quality content that will bring traffic on your YouTube channel. Your YouTube channel will make more money as it gets popular. And it will only earn it's popularity by creating good content.

Over time, as your audience continue to trust your channel for its quality, you are sure to continue making money from your channel.

Set Up Your Channel for Monetization

From the moment you have an audience, you can start making money on your YouTube channel. YouTube does have a formal process you need to go through before you can do this.

The first step to monetizing you YouTube channel is by joining the YouTube partner program. When you join this program, you have to agree to their terms and conditions. After this, you will be ask by YouTube to set up a AdSence account.

Once you have set up an AdSence account, you will be taken to your upload default screen, where you will click the "monetize with ad" box. Here you will be ask to confirm that you own the copyright of your videos. So that you don't post other people's content.

Choose Your Ad Formats

You select the types of ads you want to display on YouTube channel on the upload default screen. You can choose where the ads can appear either within the YouTube page or within the videos.

However, YouTube will not pay you for allowing ads on your videos,they pay for ads that viewers actively interacts with and some viewers skip ads, so you need more viewers that some might watch the ads from the videos. This enables you to earn from the YouTube AdSence program.

Ensure Brands Want to Advertise on Your Videos

Monetizing your videos does not mean that YouTube AdSence will serve you with ads. AdSence will only place ads on your videos for those brands that are willing to associate themselves with you.

Most brands don't want to associate themselves with certain video content. Examples of this kinds of contents are, pornographic content, violent content, contents that promotes drugs etc. So You need to make sure that your videos meet YouTube’s Advertisers friendly Content Guidelines.

In conclusion, once your channel meets the above YouTube requirement, be sure of making good money from YouTube channel.

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To make money on youtube channel, one needs to enable monetizing in the video manager of your channel settings. You need a Google AdSense to get your money. There is minimum entry of 4000 watch hours and 1000 subscribers in 12 months to start making money.

You can also become a YouTube patner which give you access to more creation tools and support but your channel would have accumulated up to 15,000 watch hours in the last 3 months to be eligible.

Others Ways people monetize their contents include

* Licensing contents.

If a video went viral, the owner can license for more pay. Any company or institution interested in using it would have to get in touch with him first.

* Affiliate Program.

A lot of youtubers make money this way. They simply copy the affiliate link of a product relevant to their content into the description. It is better to talk about the product in the context with your topic.

* Create and sell a course, coaching or consultancy

They Create a course about a topic they are an expert or reserch extensively and sell through their channels. Even at that, they make sure their videos give their Audience valuable information to be interested in buying them. Don't hard sell.

* Build a list

*This one may not make anyone money immediately but it will. They use their videos to generate leads and build a list of targeted potential customers.

* Sponsorship.

Become an influencer on YouTube gives more leverage. Leverage to approach the companies with since there is a ready audience. Or sometimes the companies do approve them.

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Youtubers can make money in different ways.

One of these ways can be paid by appearing in the videos of the ads provided by the companies in the youtubede.

Another way is the companies that sponsor the content owner. These sponsors earn a lot more. There are different ways of gain because they have interaction.


First you have to be approved by youtube. Their requirements are a certain amount of followers and a certain amount of viewed hours. After that you can apply for menetization and you are off and running.