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What is the most narcissistic trait you've ever seen someone exhibit?
Narcissists can be funny atimes and perhaps quite unknowingly can display some baffling signs of their narcissism. Which have you ever witnessed? And which was most baffling?

There are many friends around everyone and they are all bound to have different characters/attitude. Just like we have some that are melancholic in nature or possess the trait of a sanguine or phlegmatic, some have narcissistic trait. I've dealt with few of them but the one that gave me a huge headache was a girl I dated long ago.

The first time I noticed that she was possessing this trait I thought her reaction was due to what happened at that moment, but I was wrong. It hit me hard when I began to realise that she doesn't pick interest in virtually anything that doesn't circle round her. The self love was just incomparable to anything. I was forced to talk about things that she's involved in to make her feel at home with me.

As if that was not enough, she's always putting the blame on me when anything goes wrong. I am not saying I'm always right but even when it's obvious that she's at fault, she finds a way to make you responsible for that problem. I've been seeing people with this trait but hers is beyond comprehension. Normally its sometimes difficult to note this trait in most people because they might not possess the full qualities. You only get to extract it when you get closer.

A narcissists always see things from their own point of view. Taking another persons opinion is always difficult. When you argue with them and you refuse to give in because you are making more sense, you will end up hurting them. They will always stand on their point no matter what. Most time when things go wrong its always your fault. They blame others for their mistakes.

As much as I loved her, these set of attitude made her push me to the wall. If you know her far away, she is very nice, but when you move closer,she sucks. At some point I had to analyse some things about her in a very presentable manner that she needed to adjust . She said l was criticizing her. Instead of taking it as a flaw to work on , she flared up and took it beyond my imagination. I thought the room is always open to correct yourselves when you are doing something wrong in a relationship. Even friends talk to themselves and adjust. If you believe you are always right and you see nothing wrong in your attitude even when people are complaining, then you need to just keep loving yourself and forget about others if you cannot change. That was what led to our dissociation. No one is perfect but when the imperfection is too obvious and persistent, It chokes whoever is close.

She was the only one I've had an hectic encounter with amongst people I've known with narcissistic behaviour. When hand shake passes the palm, it becomes an arrest. Others are just a pinch of salt.

Thanks @rasamuel.


Self praising their own abilities and then blatantly blaming others for mistakes that happened on their watch. This trait is a pet peeve of mine when dealing with obnoxious self centered people. I would tackle a difficult task alone that be paired with this kind of person. You would hear them nonstop about their accomplishments and overestimated value. 


Narcissists are so good at believing their own lies, I've seen quite a few genuinely confused and disoriented when they start remembering different details presented. They will still deny their wrong however. The worst trait of a narcissist, is the inability to ever see fault, or wrongness in themselves, even when facts are presented to them.