Does wisdom invariably come with old age?
Are ALL old people wise? Is getting old an absolute guarantee of wisdom? Can a young person ever dream of being even half as wise as an "old" person? Or are we doomed to wait for grey hair before we can even start to discern what wisdom really Is?

I do not think age will get you absolute wisdom , but yes it will make the conducive environment for you to attain wisdom. Why, because by that time you are detached from all sort of illusions and delusions and you already have experienced all sorts of desires in your youth or early age of your life. 

You can have the absolute wisdom at the early stage of your life also but again for that the environment around you must be conducive one and you should not be subjected or attached to delusions and if that can happen you can also attain that wisdom at a very early stage of life.

Just like a fresh flower is offered to someone because it is fresh so as the the person in its youth where a person is most resourceful in  terms of health can be offered to the infinite dimensions of this existence, the wisdom will prevail if one is ready for that. The potential for a human life is really unlimited in terms of spiritual journey, only thing you need is a little push to get an exposure to that level of understanding and you may experience the initial spark and if you are a conscious fellow then you can catch hold of that spark and can tap those unlimited potential and attain the absolute wisdom even at a younger age when a human being is most resourceful in terms of health.

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I think that age does not guarantee wisdom but it offers the chance for experience and that alongside education is where we can find true wisdom.

Wisdom is the ability to judge right from wrong, I think the best way to improve this ability is by actually living through experiences and observing how everything plays out. Then you can add that knowledge and experience to your existing wisdom. We can also improve our wisdom by watching and learning from the experiences of those around us and others who came before us.

There is no guarantee that age brings wisdom, two people may live through the same experience but only one of them thinks about it in a useful way. Not just thinking about how they feel but how everything happened. I know plenty of older people who don't show much wisdom.

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That's a highly subjective question and not an easy to answer one but I will try my best and share my vision. Somehow I can't say that old age=wisdom but I can definitely say that old age=experience and for some that experience has some wisdom in it also. I do believe though that there many young guys and gals that are way wiser than the older ones. Especially in my country. 

Being part of an ex communist country the old ones have strong limitations in thinking and they hardly accept the new and the unimaginable while the young ones having access to much more information seem to be more open minded and wiser also. I've seen quite a few teenagers that were so mature in thinking and reasoning that they simply amazed while I also so enough elderly people that I actually felt pity for them because of their way of thinking and seeing the world around us. Younger people are more opened towards yoga, towards all sort of spiritual and philosophical talks and that's for me a sign of wisdom. 

Thing that is harder to find at older people. They somehow have their fixed ideas and life philosophies and stick to them for years not willing to change anything and rejecting easily the new. I also believe that the new generations are way wiser and more conscious than we are. I am amazed of how much understanding and empathy have kids nowadays and also how agile are to manipulate us also. I would say as a conclusion that age really brings some experience that young people don't have but wisdom is not really related to age. In the case of wisdom is all relative, but I am inclined to believe that the young ones are wiser nowadays. 


I agree with Acesontop, this is really a very complex question, which has a rather more complicated answer, as the answer depends on various factors.

It would be better to understand what wisdom is before we could have a definitive answer to your main question.

"WISDOM is the ability to think and act using Knowledge, Experience, Understanding, Common Sense and Insight." ... (1)

Wisdom is not a calculative thing that can be counted by the numbers of years of ones' existence ... but, at the same time, it is also a quality that can measured from the understood concepts, experiences of behaviors and discovered patterns in the variables of life.

Wisdom is the name of knowing the psychology of the problems and having the vision for the solutions. Being an intelligent person, one could be Jack of all trades and master of none ... but being wise, you have to be the master of all the colors of life. A wise person is the one, who won't be biased about any matter in any situation and could think without involving his/her emotions.

A wise person is the one who can find the meanings in the unknowns, who knows the dangers of any situation/things and is aware of the benefits and advantages as well.

Now, the most beautiful thing in the humans' physical existence is the brain and most excellent skills we have are, how we make it works and use it to its full potential. Some of mastered these skills way earlier than others, some at a later age and some ... not at all.

It does required average learners & observers several years to have reasonable wisdom, but excellent learners & observers don't need that many years to be called wise. Even though there is another side of the picture for them too ... the more the years, the more the wisdom.

As U.S. President Calvin Coolidge said:

"Knowledge comes, but wisdom lingers. It may not be difficult to store up in the mind a vast quantity of facts within a comparatively short time, but the ability to form judgments requires the severe discipline of the hard work and the tempering heat of experience and maturity." ... (2)

So yes, I do believe a 22 years old person (a wise person could be younger than that, this age is selected just for the examples' sake.) could also be wise person but ... I do also believe that this person would be wiser with the age.

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I think usually it depends on the type of individual. But I guess the thing is that people mature when they get older and this may be an increased understanding in some new as our brain capacity increases.

There are some who doesn't increase in wisdom when they get older. Some people are life long learners.

From what I can see is that nowadays, many youngsters are as wise as those who have more experience. I guess this is due to an increase in the amount of knowledge available from the internet nowadays. Never in the history of humanity has a person been young and a billionaire. This is humans new milestone.


I know of people older than me that leave me wondering and questioning their age every time they utter a word. So, no wisdom does not come with age, at least that's what I have come to realize.

I think age is a contributing factor, and wisdom generally is a Godgiven insight. That means someone can just be wise without the age factor.


I heard someone define wisdom as the ability to know what is right and doing it, it is knowing what to say, and saying it, it is knowing where to go at every given point and going there. Although, we have cases of many old people being wise, old age is not a guarantee for wisdom. These old folks are mostly wise because they have experienced a lot. Their experience is what makes them right, not their age. The more experience a person garners, the more wise he/she becomes. A young man/woman of 22 can be wise and an old man/woman of 90 can be foolish, because Wisdom is not dependent on the age of a person rather than the experience he garners and how much he has learnt from such.


Firstly i would describe wisdom as the quality of having to make precise judgement due to the quality and availability of good knowledge and experience.

As they say "Age is just a number", the major thing that really comes with age is the fact that one have been on this earth longer than those younger than you. Age is not directly proportional to wisdom in any way but it takes one who sort out to learn more and educate him/herself to be able to acquire more wisdom.

Basically, a really determined younger person who makes the pursuit of wisdom a priority, will be farther ahead than an intellectually-lazy older person who only pursues having a good time.



Not necessarily.

It moreso comes with the humility to learn from one’s mistakes and convert knowledge into wisdom through character development - which people can do at an early age, or rarely ever in their older age.


Not necessarily but age helps, or better said the life experience helps and that comes with age.

Let me tell you an example. There are many skilled people, who at very young age are more cleverer than those of their age. These kids learn a lot faster and a lot more than the average.

This is how they can start university at a very young age and specialize before they reach twenty. After that they can start practicing, working as a doctor, scientist or researcher.

This is all excellent but there are fields where you work with people and you need more than just your studies. You need people skills and you can only get that in time.

The more you see and experience, the better. However this is not a general rule, some people are not wise even though they are old.


Being wise is far different from being experience. Wisdom is the ability to judge between right and wrong as well as creating balance in difficult situations. While experience comes through learning from either outcome from our actions or of others.

Not every old man is wise especially when they still create characters around them to promote Injustice but every old man is experienced in matters of life because they have tried many actions as well as seen many actions being tried which probably resulted to either success or failure and from this gain knowledge to how life principles operate.

Wisdom can be demonstrated by a 10 year old boy or younger person. Which implies wisdom is not inclined to age but by how intellectually we work with our mindset to produce exceeding results.

Most times and in our every day Life , we interact with wisdom while also gaining experience. So wisdom is simply felt from

1.Our judgement and actions

2.Solving problems and

3.Our decisions

If they are right, then you are wise. This doesn't come with age