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Which game would you say has more complicated rules, football or basketball?

Based on the rules of the game, I think basketball is more complicated than football. The rules of basketball cannot be made to fit into one page because there are so many twists and turns but the sixteen rules of football can be made to fit into single leaf.

In basketball many things can count for violation and players are expected to follow some very stringent set of rules. You'd have to be careful not to hold the ball for too long and some other limitations on time. Also, the ability to call for time-out several times during a game makes it much more complicated than football.

Also in basketball, the rules that apply in the US may not apply elsewhere. This is different from football as the rules governing football in anyone place are similar to those governing it in another place. the federation of international football (FIFA) sets the rules and regulates how the game is played irrespective of location but that is not the case for basketball.

Someone who hasn't been to a football academy can easily play football. I mean you just have to find your way around players and get a shot into the net but it's far more complicated in the game of basketball. A kid, five years old wouldn't stand more chance playing basketball than he would playing football.

When it comes to tactics however, football is a bit more complicated because you need to understand the different psychology, philosophy behavioral pattern of each of the eleven players in a team and you'd have to come up with a strategy for every point in the game

There goes the difference. I hope I've done your question some justice.


I am guessing you are talking about American Football and if that is case I think that it has much more complicated rules than basketball.

The penalties in basketball are pretty straight forward.  There are many more penalties in American football. For example, off sides, false start, holding, pass interference, roughing the passer, and many more.

Now, if when you say football you are talking about soccer, then I think soccer is probably more complicated.  Really what it boils down to with me for soccer is the whole offsides thing.

I go and watch my niece play soccer I get so confused about the offsides thing.  I just can't understand what and why they are calling it.

It is all very foreign to me!


Neither. Both are fairly straightforward compared to baseball and cricket



Football and basketball have similar rules.

If i had to pick one I would say basket ball as I don't watch it very often and haven't played it. When I look at the rules though they are fairly straight forward and basic.

Football is meant to be  a contact sport and basket ball isn't. Lately though there is less and less contact allowed in football leaving it up to the referees interpretation of what is allowed and what isn't.

The penalties are the same with everyone having to clear the circle. There are a few variations regarding substitutes and time outs which makes basket ball more complicated. On the whole there is nothing between the rules but would say basketball is more complicated a s a game.

I think it boils down to what you have been raised on whether one is more complicated than the other.

There are lots of other sports that are way more complicated though like rugby and cricket.