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Is it possible for a sentence to be syntatically accurate but semantically nonsensical?
Can a sentence have a correct syntax string that follows all grammatical rules but still end up not making sense?

Yes its possible.

A syntactically accurate sentence meanse that the sentence created is accurately formed. For example - "John told me to give this package to you". This sentence is syntactically correct as the verb came after noun. Pronouns and prepositions are in the right place etc.

To be syntactically correct a sentence has to follow a basic structure that is used in forming sentences. But nonsensical semantics of a sentence can exist even when the syntax is accurate. Semantics is the meaning of a senntence. To be semantically accurate a sentence needs proper meaning.

For example -" The black apple ate the green bird." This sentence is semantically inaccurate as it has no meaning but its syntactically accurate as all the parts of speech in this sentence are at their assigned positions.

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