What are your favorite Christmas memories?

My favourite Christmas memories are memories from my childhood. 🎄🎅

When I'd be dressed in beautiful Christmas clothes, new shoes and funny looking glasses.

I and my siblings will go from house to house eating different kinds of food and collecting money from people in the end 🤑💸💰💳

At the end of the day, we'd have lots of money that we'll start arguing about how much each person should have.

Christmas those days was fun compared to now.

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My favorite Christmas memories come from my childhood. Sadly, smart phones had not been invented and even though it was always possible to get someone in the family to produce a camera and take some pictures, I have zero photographs of those days. The Christmas of 1982 I remember particularly vividly for all the presents and lively atmosphere we had that year.

We lived in a humble house, the kitchen walls were still then made of giant cane (arundo donax), our porch still had a white and red picket fence I remember painting with my father. We had the only yard with grass, which looked like a green carpet my father kept carefully trimmed with scissors.

I remember the noisy and constant chatting. Every day a new relative arrived from distant places (San Félix, Puerto Ordaz, Maturín, Caracas…). They came for coffee and conversation. My mother was in the kitchen all day long, helped by my 2 sisters and any of the women visiting. I was always running errands. We were poor, but money or food was never an issue. Little was enough, and in times of celebration, such as Christmas there was always spare change from friends and relatives. I ran my errands gladly.

I remember the killing of a huge pig. It was not fun to see. The process was slow and brutal. That animal must have suffered. Even as a kid I thought so. But then my childish memories take me to the fascination of the meat and entrails and all the delicious food that came out of that. No part of the pig was spared. There were several fogones (fires) improvised to have several dishes prepared at the same time. The kitchen was not big enough.

Then, there was the joy of the new clothes. Traditionally, we wear new clothes for Christmas and New Year ’s Eve. I remember a kaki pair of pants with tons of pockets and a plaid shirt. The streets of the barrio were full of kids showing their best looks, playing all kinds of games. Traditional music was coming from every house or car speakers (gaitas, aguinaldos).

Even though we did not have family dinners in the traditional sense (a big elegant table full of family member), dinner was superb that year. I remember a huge basket full of every liquor, cheese, and nuts imaginable (curtsey of the National Guard, my father got that for Christmas, along with our toys, old good days). But, we ate as we felt. The little ones had dinner early, at about 7. The teenagers a bit later as they prepared to go out dancing. One at a time they would grab a plate, fill it with hallacas, ham bread, pork, chicken salad and sit in the dining room or in the living room while watching TV.

I remember the excitement of going to bed early so that we could see the presents. That year, I got a machine gun that glowed in the dark. It made “real-machine-gun sound” and was huge. I could barely hold it. Every kid in the barrio wanted to give it a try. Early in the morning we ran around showing and sharing toys, as we played, the grownups would be coming from their parties, drunk and wasted. Mom and dad were at home, as always. Coffee and breakfast ready for us or for whoever came to visit. 


Image source - http://www.agecare.ca/about-agecare/christmas-remember/

I won't forget Christmas 2018  in a hurry for the great memories I had. I'll share with you:

1. I successfully recorded my debut musical album with my choir and the message in the songs are messaged of Gratitude to God for all the blessings enjoyed in 2018. Tracts include:

  • He paid my debt - recognizing Christ sacrifice on the cross.
  • I will sing - a call to remember the goodness of God and declaration to sing God's praises.
  • Your Glory fills  the earth - Acknowledging the sovereignty of God
  • From January to December - recounting the goodness of God.

2. During Christmas, I was able to talk to young people and got them join the steem blockchain - @rmikpi @Jahzy @Emesjnr @Gee-edward @Mistafresh. We can show them love.

3. The launch of my Steem-based life project @writeandearn. Check it out.

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Being from India I don't usually celebrate Christmas with that much so whatever memories of Christmas I have is from the Time I stayed in a Hostel. I stayed in a Hostel for about 7 years of my childhood and the town the hostel was in had a big Church nearby.

So every day on Christmas we all used to visit to the Church and light up Candles and offer our Prayers. Now this was the very first time I had ever stepped inside a church so I was utterly fascinated by the Architecture of the Church. It was huge with some old Chandeliers hanging in the center. I was only 6 years old at the Time so this was like travelling to another world for me as I had never seen a Church before that.

I believe this is my Favorite Memory of Christmas.


My favorite Christmas memories are those Christmases that I was with our grandmother. Those moments are memorable.

The foods she prepared are all delicous. My favorite is the pansit, a noodle dish. It is really tasty when she is the one cooking it.

Christmas with almost all members of the family were present was memorable too and a favorite.