Hulk, Captain America, Iron Man - fight one, kiss one, get stuck on an island with one?

Uhmmm well for starters, I'm not gay so kissing them is out of the question. As far as fighting one goes, I'm pretty sure I'm dead irrespective of which one I choose to fight but I'd fancy my chances of surviving a fight with Captain America, at the very least, I won't be burned to a crisp or pounded till I'm nothing but a stain on the ground so as far as fighting goes I'm going to have to pick Captain America.

Like I said earlier I'm not going to be caught dead kissing another guy, I mean if you want to be gay that's ok, it's your fundamental human right to be attracted to whoever you want to be attracted to. I could kiss iron man though, as long as his helmet and suit are on, I'm not going to kiss Tony Stark though, that's most definitely beyond me.

Well that leaves me trapped on the island with the Hulk and as long as he's not going to try and pound me to death then I'm pretty sure we could coexist. Moreover, that guy could jump from one city to another, I'm sure he can carry me on his back as he jumps.

I hope this helps.

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As others have stated, I'm not much into kissing any of them, but since it's stated simply as a kiss, and not specifically where or how passionately, I'm going to make up my own rules on that one. :)


All of this is going to be tactical in nature, so if I'm going to kiss any of them, it would be Hulk, and on the forehead, like a parent to a child. Since the soothing hand swipe worked for a while, maybe, if I could actually get close enough and not be decked in the process, a kiss would disarm Hulk enough to return him to Bruce Banner, someone I feel better equipped to interact with.


This one would be Captain America. Not because I would win, but because I feel he would have the most mercy and restraint. It would be over with one half hearted punch he threw and we could all get on with life.


This is a close choice, because I think I would get along with Captain America best in this scenario, and I think he could ultimately keep us alive until we were rescued, but I don't want to kiss Iron Man or fight him, especially not in his current state of mind, so relying on his will to survive and his genius ability to construct useful things out of nothing (the comic book equivalent of Mcgyver), I have to go with Iron Man.

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Lols.... This question really sounds funny because I am not a lady. So kissing guys like me maybe a great problem to avoid people calling me gay when I am not a gay. I will have to answer your question like a lady just to express my thoughts and perspective about your question.

Hulk, Captain America and Iron Man are part of the top class superheroes from Marvel Studio and this has made almost all kids, teenagers, ladies and guys love them for their action because their main goal is to save the world from danger. These three superheroes are very great and they posses different power and different methods of saving people's lives.

We all know Hulk to be a handsome and cool gentle man whom changes from his normal human state to a huge green man with that monster look whenever he gets angry or whenever he intends to save people's lives. He is very strong and skillful which actually made me like him for that 😊.

Captain America is a cute young handsome man who makes use of a shield designed with the American flag. He is very cute and confident when fighting. I actually love captain America for his costume and his acrobatic skills whenever he fights with the enemies.

When we talk of technology, Iron man should never be left out because he actually makes use of technology and Artificial Intelligence (AI) all embedded in his armor and unique costume. He is able to give order and his costume helps to perform that order due to high level programming language and AI he had embedded on the system. I actually love Iron man because he applies technology in solving problems (saving people's lives) 😊.

Let's me now make my decision about who to kiss, fight and get stuck on the Island with 😊.

* Fight One : If I am to fight one, it will definitely be hulk because of his appearance (green colouration). I actually dislike that structure because he looks kind of scary.

* Kiss One: I will kiss Captain America because he looks cute and handsome in his costume. He has a cool and lovely stature.

* Get Stuck On The Island: I prefer getting stuck on the island with Iron Man because he is into technology. I am an engineering student who loves anything that has to do with tech and I can see that Iron Man applies this great features.

Thanks for reading and I hope this helps.


Fight one- Hulk

Kiss one- Iron man

Struck on island - Captain America