Is there such a thing as a superior language?
Can we ever objectively say that one language is superior to another, and if so what determines?

There's no such thing as superior or inferior language. Language is used to express culture and every language is rich enough to express the culture from which it originates.

However, a language is assumed to be superior when it is spoken by the seemingly powerful and imposed on the oppressed.

So, there's no superiority when it comes to language. We can only have human beings who feel superior.


Some languages are superior in certain fields. For example, quantum physics is more easily taught in English compared to most tribal African languages. Nevertheless, these tribal languages will be more superior over English when it comes to hunting in those regions.


A big NO! There isn't any such. All are equally important.


Well this is a difficult question to answer, for starters, let me say that there's no language that's complete superior to all other languages, but then again, there are some languages that are superior to others when it comes to certain fields of judgement.

For starters in terms of global adaptation I could say that English is the most globally adapted language. Ofcourse there are alot of countries that speak the languages of other countries, but I think English still stands out. I mean in countries that have numerous languages, people will probably refer to English when trying to communicate with each other.

Now in terms of ease of understanding and ease of learning then Spanish has to take the cake hear, apparently it's got very easy and straightforward grammar and you don't have to be a rocket scientist to learn it.

There are lots of other categories that I could mention but I think you get my point, there is no singular language that's superior to others in every aspect, but there are certain categories and standards that some languages are superior to others in.

I hope this helps.


It is a "yes" and "no" for me and I hope to extrapolate my reasons for going for such an answer.

It is a yes because languages can be superior if it is widely used or spoken in several countries. Language is superior when it becomes a universal language widely used in different countries. Examples of such languages include English Language and Arabic Language because these two languages are widely spoken and accepted in most countries around the world. This also explains why most people take their time to learn such languages due to it's usefulness.

It is also a NO for me because no language can be more superior than one's own language or mother tongue.

Thanks for reading and I hope this helps.