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Would you say 2018 was a better year for music in general than 2017 - or vice versa?

Better for Music by what metric?

Overall sales and revenue?

Or subjective "goodness" of music I heard on the radio?

If it's the former,

you would have to look at statistics.

I'm not going to provide those, there's google.

Also, I don't feel like that's what you were asking for.

I think you're referring to the latter.

I don't really follow any specific bands or music performers.

I have no idea if the music I "find to be worth listening to" at any particular time is from that year, or a year before, or 5 years before.

I'm at the age where 10 years feels like 3 years.

I've so many times been in a conversation when I say, "this song is quite new", and it turn out it's from 2005, or something.

So take my opinion with a metric ton of salt.

I do feel like I have actively looked up and listened to songs in 2017, then I have in 2018.

I'm sure I have done that in previous years as much as in the current year, but I actively cringe when hearing what's on the radio, and since I live in the presence, that makes me wonder if the current year is really that bad, or I just have crap memory. 

Probably a little bit of both.


I am not sure if it was better or worse in terms of sales but as I get older I feel like the music gets worse every single year. I feel like an old man saying that but I feel it is true. I mean this year they had a chart topper by Carly B telling everyone to eat her ass. Really? That is music now adays?