SMTs are supposed to launch by January. Do you have faith in that timeline?

I do believe that Ned and the entire Steem team members will work tirelessly to make this achievable.

I do not need to have faith in the timeline, I just need to have faith in the words of Ned who has said this will be possible by January.

Actually, there's already so much hype and fuse about the forthcoming SMT that I think it will be total disrespect to the entire Steemit community not to have SMTs launch by January as stated.


Whether I have faith or not in the timeline of smt testnet la inch is not what is important, what is important is what steem inc has said they're going to do, if steemit inc has said smt will be launched in January, I just have to trust them to keep to the date because they are the ones that know how far they've gone in their preparation of the smt testnet launch.

Whether they meet the date of not won't bother me for as long as steemit is running smoothly


@Rasamuel, In my opinion this is rough phase and to come up with something big is an tough aspect when times are rough and tough and when Economy is hanging on Downfall. So, in these moments we should hold the faith and should back up the team because, there are many projects in Crypto Economy who've shut down the projects due to the downfall but we are still standing strong and in my opinion things will work out, and if we miss the timeline then also we have to hold the essence of understanding, but let's hope that this Timeline will be achieved.

Wishing you an great day and stay blessed. 🙂