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What factors do you consider in a song to deem it as a good song?
The Lyricism? Corybanta? The ambience? The flow? The delivery? The voice?

I'm a fan of blues as well as raggaeton and reggae as well and I listen to hip hop as well, I think these various genre of music differently have factor and yardstick that determines if it's quality, sometimes when I listen to reggae, it may not have the best of lyrics but I'll still consider it as a good song as well however if I listen to blues and I can't find the dazzling and awesome lyrics I may not consider it good enough, so definitely I'll tell you what I look at in the three genre of Songs I like.

BLUES; I listen to Adele and Celine Dion a lot and I use their songs as a yardstick to judge other songs which are blues for example I looking at the emotion, the lyrics I also look at the voice pattern, the pitch control and the control of the voice who sings blues, I believe blues is all about the emotion portrayed and therefore all i've mentioned makes forva qualitative blues song.

RAP, I believe rap songs shouldn't just be about rhymes, it must have ambiguity, the rap lines must carry hidden messages for me apart from the surface, the rap lines must also have a form of rhythm, just likev Eminem and Kanye west.

The next one will be reggae; Reggae finest are People like Lucky Dube and the late South African reggae Songs are the best in the universe, because the instrumentals behind his reggae songs are heavenly I believe a reggae song with beautiful instrumentals like the guitar and the drums brings out the glory of a reggae songs, followed by the lyrics and the story line behind the lyrics, also reggae songs are always energetic and and throbbing and if a reggae song does not have this, then it's not really a good song.


First of all, the vocals. The artist must capture me with their voice. I remember the first time I heard sam smith, it was one of the most beautiful sorrowful experience, by far one of the best voices I had ever heard. This had an instant effect on me and I became a fan that day .

The lyrics. The song must mean something.. It must pass a message I can relate with. Whispers (the album) by passenger is a very melancholic album which touches on very deep aspects of life, which makes it one of my favorite albums.

The beat must be catchy, especially for pop songs. I'm into afro beat and I love afrobeat instrumentals. It doesn't matter if you understand the lyrics or not you will find yourself dancing to the beat.

So those are the basic things I look out for in a song


I listen to different genres of music depending on my mood. When I listen to rap music, I look out for the flow, the delivery the beat and the lyrics. No offence but most rappers these days lack flow and delivery. They just jam-pack thier songs with bass filled beats making them sound better. My examples of a good rap song is Adolescence by J Cole.

When I listen to Alternative R&B or blues , I look out for the voice, the ambience, Melody and pitch. Listening to this genres levitates my mind so I'm kind of picky with the artistes I listen to. My example of a good song in this category is Novocaine by Frank Oceans

When I feel like partying or dancing I listen to R&B or dancehall and I look out for songs with danceable beats and catchy choruses like Drake's in my feelings.

These are my criteria for a good song.


Describing a good song is somewhat subjective. As a music fan, I have biases when it comes to music. I listen to different genres, but I don't really listen to heavy metal. The heaviest band I had listened to was the old Linkin Park.

My musical preferences changed a lot, and it had so far broadened. Those kinds of songs that I don't appreciate then, are the one I appreciate now. When I was younger, I preferred more pop tunes, and something very melodic. But now, I listen to different genres. Besides pop, I listen to R&B, rock, reggae, jazz, dance, etc.

Aside from different genres, I listen to the lyrics. I don't want to listen to songs with nonsense lyrics. I want a meaningful song that can affect me emotionally.

Vocals is also a factor. I don't mind if the singer has high or low vocal range. Some voices are just to beautiful, and that they can deliver the song with right emotions.

I can listen to different kind of music. I can't say what it is in particular. But if a song hits me emotionally, then I can say it is a good song. And of course, that's my opinion when classifying a good song, because others' have differing opinions.

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