What's the most romantic gift you've ever gotten?

A perfume with a set of jewelries


A wristwatch

But then, I rarely receive gifts

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Well if I'm being honest, I'm often the one that gives romantic gifts, but there was this one time that my gf and I were dead broke but we were ok with it, I mean it beats being dead broke and alone.

We happened to pass a road side jeweler and I saw some really pretty ear rings which I knew she wanted because she was staring at them as we passed. So, regardless of how broke I was, I decided to use the little cash I had on me to buy them for her, hoping and believing that money we'd use to survive would come from somewhere.

I bought them for her and she loved them, now what happened next was what made me truly feel loved. She then looked at the lady and picked a single necklace that was plastic and had live written on it. She pulled out her last 200 naira and bought it for me and said, "If you can use your last cash to buy something for me then I can do the same for you".

That to me is the most romantic gift I've ever received.

I hope this helps.