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Why don't show creators and directors-- who are the brains of the whole thing--get as much love from the fans as the actors?

Well for starters, the show creators and directors aren't the ones that we see when we watch a movie, it's the actors so it's only natural that the actors are the one that get the attention.

I mean no one wants to know how difficult it was to shoot every scene of the stress that goes into writing a script for a show or how hard it is to guide people into getting the perfect shot. All we care about is how cool the Henry Cavills and Scarlet Johanssons look while pulling it off.

Nobody really cares about what happens behind the scenes, all we care about are the results and the first people we hold accountable for that are the actors, not the show creators or the directors. People that are in the industry know well enough to give the show creators and directors props, but us, the viewers hardly ever do.

I hope this helps.