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Why question are paid so high in musing?
I've heard about musing.io recently and I was wondering how is the mechanism actually paying higher rewards for question. What are the considerations you should pay attention to and what are the advice to get high rewards for a question.

The most you can get for a question is 5%, in very rare cases 10%, according to Musing curation guide. Most of the questions I've seen here got 3 - 5%. 

You can get a 10% with a good answer every day, if you respect the rules. So I don't think questions are paid so high here on Musing, except of course, if you're getting 1% or nothing for your answers. In that case, indeed questions seem to get paid high. 

What are the considerations you should pay attention to and what are the advice to get high rewards for a question. 

Use proper spelling and grammar, be respectful to others, don't ask questions that have been asked before, use the search box to research before you post a question. 


It is your wrong idea that only questions are paid high on musing. 

Musing is a platform where you can ask questions and give answers to others questions. You can also earn cryptocurrency by giving right answers. If you give a right answer to anyone's question then it can be said that you will get a upvote from muisng which is only means earning cryptocurrency. 

Musing only supports original, right and creative answers. They try to supports more members so they give little upvotes to the less quality answers. Musing not only supports answers but also supports questions. They supports by giving upvotes to the users.  

How much i knew about musing, i can say you that musing paid so high on answers not on questions. Musing hardly upvotes questions. Musing only upvotes more creative and qualitiful questions. I hd seen musing upvoted a answer with 7$ and questions 1+$. They are the hightest value of upvotes which i had ever seen.

So, it can be said that musing paid so high on answers.


Emmm, it's not that high. I think i rarely see the question that get more than 5%.